Death Stranding is free on the Epic Game Store, but there’s a catch



    Death Stranding is the latest free game on the Epic Game Store, which is great news for all the Hideo Kojima fans out there. The original game came out in 2019, and with the Director’s Cut edition available, the title continues to garner a lot of interest. So, fans went wild when the news broke that the original edition is free for Christmas on the Epic Game Store.

    As soon as the game came out, an army of fans rushed to get it, creating difficulties for the Epic Store servers. At the time of writing, it is almost impossible to get the game. Most of the players received the message you can see on the screenshot below: “We are experiencing high transaction volume, please try again later.”

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    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    It is an impossible mission to get hold of the game at the moment, so you will have to be patient. If it’s any consolation, the sale lasts for 24 hours, so there’s still plenty of time to get the original version for free while you still need to purchase the Death Stranding Director’s Cut. This isn’t the first time the Epic Games Store has run into issues with too many players visiting it. If you remember, the GTA V giveaway created the same problems, as fans wanted to get their free copy as soon as possible.

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