Deadpool is Marvel Snap’s newest featured character with the Maximum Effort update.

    • Deadpool takes center stage in the latest Marvel Snap update.
    • The season of Maximum Effort starts today and features Wolverine, Deadpool, Gwenpool and more
    • There are more characters to catch, rewards to log and even comics versions of some movie favorites

    Deadpool is set to become Marvel Snap’s newest featured character in their latest update. Maximum effort Mouth takes center stage with Wolverine and Gwenpool as Merck as the featured characters. In addition, there are a number of login bonuses with the Headpool card variant, as well as a new Refer-a-Friend invite campaign where you can get an exclusive domino variant.

    And, since we always add a bit of comic book trivia, here’s a day for you. Did you know Gwenpool isn’t actually Gwen Stacy? Or related to Deadpool at all for that matter? She is actually a multidimensional traveling comic fan from the ‘real’ world who gets caught up in the Marvel Universe and adopts a superhero persona inspired by her favorite characters.

    and what?

    But it’s not just Gwenpool joining the cast of Marvel Snap! We’ve also got names familiar to fans of the Deadpool movie, Ajax and Vanessa—sorry, Copycat. Yes, these are the comic versions, so you better catch up on your Marvel history. Especially being included with the sometimes sidekick Hydra Bob.

    Finally, good old Cassandra Nova will be exclusive to the new Deadpool’s Diner event starting July 23rd. So if you want to capture Charles Xavier’s evil (or some might argue worse) twin, you’ll need to participate in or capture the token shop after the fact.

    And if all of this is aching for you to return to Marvel Snap, don’t worry about lapsing! Check out some of our guides like our tiered list of all Marvel Snap cards to give you some tips on what to grab and what to dig.

    But if that’s still not enough to convince you, don’t worry. Instead, you can jump in and take a look at ours. others Check out our list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far) to find out!


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