Dead Stranding is free on the Epic Games Store! Aroged!


    If an average of 15 days till the turn of year, this is a special time for gamers who make computers their main gaming platform. Aside from Steam, which usually holds a Winter Sale in this period, which often comes with significant price cuts, the Epic Games Store also comes with a campaign that isn’t less tempting. We’ll be offering a new free game that’ll change every day for 15 days. Sometimes that can be indie, but not infrequently it comes with AAA games. Unlike the moment, there is no shortage of tickets for those who call it “the people”.

    Hideo Kojima created the super unique game in the deserts, inspired by the epic Decima Engine Death Stranding? And, since she never had enough money to taste it? You have probably been waiting for that news. The PC version of Death Stranding now is free at Epic Games! You need only once to purchase your product in the library, which of course you can download and play freely at any time. It is basically the essence of death-burning not death-burning: directors’ cut.

    PC version of Death Stranding is now free on EGS!

    The offer will close at 23:00 a.m.. this news is written. How about you? Have you already claimed that version of Death Stranding on EGS?


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