Dead Island 2 PS5 Performance: Best Graphics Settings



    There are far fewer tweaks to graphical settings when playing on PlayStation compared to PC. But you can do a couple of things to enhance your Dead Island 2 PS5 gaming experience. Follow our instructions to set up your game for the best mix of rich visuals and smooth gameplay. Here’s how to improve Dead Island 2 PS5 performance with the best graphics settings.

    The best PS5 display settings for Dead Island 2

    Follow these instructions to change the graphics settings of Dead Island 2 on PlayStation 5:

    1. Open the game menu.
    2. Go to display settings.
    3. Set the field of view (FOV) to 90
    4. Disable motion blur
    5. Turn on High Dynamic Range (HDR) if you have a display that supports HDR mode.
    6. Opt for more brightness, since playing in the dark is not fun.

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    That’s all you can do to enhance your Dead Island 2 PS5 gaming experience. Dead Island has no fidelity or performance modes, which means you can’t change the resolution or frame rate. For better or worse, you’re stuck to the 1080p 60fps standard.

    While there isn’t much you can do to improve Dead Island 2 PS5 performance at the best graphics settings, at least you won’t waste too much time configuring the game. Do what you can to modify some things, choose the best killer and focus on destroying those zombies.

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