DC vs. Vampires Confirms Wonder Woman Made Mary Marvel a Vampire


In the annals of DC history, it’s been hard to give Wonder Woman a worthy match. Cheetah has been used a lot, as well as Giganta, with modern comics shaping Darkseid’s daughter Grail as the true test of Diana of Themyscira. However, Wonder Woman usually finds a way to overcome them, due to her divine and magical nature.

However, Mary Marvel in Ceased: Indestructible (by Tom Taylor and Karl Mostert) proved to be pretty insurmountable, beating up Diana and leaving people thinking that maybe if she went back to being evil, Mary would be the one to really push Diana into the main universe. Well, that hasn’t happened, but in DC vs. Vampires: Total Warthe rivalry is spiritually reignited for a fleeting moment, resulting in a dark fate for Mary.

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DCessed: Expendables #3 (by Tom Taylor, Karl Mostert, Trevor Scott, Neil Edwards, Rex Lokus, and Saida Temophon) sparked a brutal fight after Mary attempted to escort a bus full of survivors to the heroes’ garden in their zombie-infested world. Jim Gordon was left trying to save humanity, but the Blighted Ones had the numbers. As such, the mutated Diana attacked, but Mary knocked her out of the sky, harnessing Shazam’s power.

She also had epic martial arts skills learned from the likes of Lady Shiva, which resulted in her smashing Diana into the Earth and creating a massive shockwave. She shocked fans, but it was believable as Mary had the powers of multiple gods in her, unlike Diana who only had the blood of Zeus. However, in time, Mary would not be the one to kill Diana; a Dinah Lance (with the powers of a Green Lantern) would, but it wasn’t nearly as brutal as when Mary embarrassed Diana in front of the horde, inflicting an intimidating beating.

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DC vs. Vampires confirms Wonder Woman’s revenge

While it’s a totally separate universe, it’s pretty cerebral how Diana of this realm gets her revenge, and it’s all because of Mary’s big confession. Prometheus mind-controls her and makes her return to her human form in DC vs. Vampires: Total War #4 (by Alex Paknadel, Matthew Rosenberg, Pasquale Qualano, Nicola Righi, and Troy Peteri). But when she turns, Mary is actually a vampire, now apologizing to Booster Gold and his teammates as they tried to kidnap Weather Wizard from Nightwing’s blood farm.

It turns out that Mary was bitten by Diana long before, but she hid in her magical form, keeping the bloodsucking side at bay. She was still embarrassed, but it’s true that imprisoning the hungry side of her has allowed her a degree of restraint. Still, Mary hates how she turned into a monster and that she was so easily coerced, scared off by an offer to turn. Here, this Wonder Woman illustrates in flashback, sometimes violence isn’t always the way, and suggests that Mary might have done some despicable deeds that she wants to forget. Fortunately, Midnighter kills Prometheus and manages to turn Mary back to her mystical self, but leaves fans wondering if she’s a ticking time bomb that can be reversed due to the trauma and possible control of the vampire kingdom going on.

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