DC’s Harley Quinn is getting a brand new inventive staff as author Tini Howard and artist Sweeney Boo are boarding the sequence in 2023.

DC introduced Howard (Catwoman, Punchline: The Gotham Game) and Boo (The Joker, Batman: Urban Legends) will take over the continuing Harley Quinn solo sequence with Harley Quinn #28, which matches on sale in March of 2023. The writer mentioned Howard and Boo’s run will proceed off of the present Harley Quinn sequence and provides followers the “continuing adventures of the one and only Harley Quinn, with more gags, cameos, and Ivy than ever!”

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DC’s Harley Quinn run started in 2021 from author Stephanie Phillips and artist Riley Rossmo. Rossmo departed from the sequence after Harley Quinn #17, with artist Georges Duarte taking on within the following subject. Recent storylines have seen Harley Quinn return again to Earth after a visit to the moon with the newly created Task Force XX staff. Task Force XX did not return alone, nonetheless, as they introduced an alien together with them that bonded to Solomon Grundy and briefly gave him the power to speak. While the alien supposed to invade all the planet, Task Force XX was in a position to cease it solely after Luke Fox, Batman/Jace Fox’s brother and chief of the staff, briefly donned a brand new, Black Panther-like superhero costume. The story concludes within the Harley Quinn 2022 Annual #1, which ends with Harley hanging out in Las Vegas with a brand new “pet” martian creature.

Celebrating the History of Harley Quinn

Created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, Harley Quinn first appeared within the 1992 “Joker’s Favor” episode of Batman: The Animated Series earlier than making her method into comics with 1993’s The Batman Adventures #12. While initially portrayed because the Joker’s prison girlfriend, newer depictions have seen Harley go away the Clown Prince of Crime and set off on her personal path as an antihero. She’s since began a romantic relationship with Poison Ivy/Pamela Isley.

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DC additionally not too long ago revealed Harley Quinn thirtieth Anniversary Special, an anthology-style subject honoring the historical past of the character. Creators hooked up to the particular embody together with Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Stephanie Phillips, Stjepan Šejić, Sam Humphries, Kami Garcia, Rob Williams, Mindy Lee, Terry Dodson, Cecil Castellucci, Rafael Scavone, Dini, Chad Hardin, Guillem March, Riley Rossmo, Šejić, Erica Henderson, Jason Badower, Mico Suayan, John Timms, Dodson, Rachel Dodson, Dan Hipp and Rafael Albuquerque.

Harley Quinn #28 releases March 28, 2023, from DC.

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