DC Gives a Major Batman Villain a Terminator-esque Enhancement


Oswald Cobblepot gets a robotic upgrade on Batman – One Bad Day: Penguin.

In the one-shot written by John Ridley with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Cam Smith, Penguin has lost his criminal empire to the man who used to hold his umbrella for him: the Umbrella Man. The issue revolves around Oswald’s mission to reclaim his title as Gotham City’s top crime boss and exact revenge on Umbrella Man. During the final confrontation between Penguin and his foe, it is revealed that Oswald’s right eye has been replaced. for a cybernetic enhancement to give Penguin a Terminator appearance.

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Until his hand-to-hand fight with Umbrella Man, Oswald’s robotic right eye is hidden from the reader by his monocle for most of the issue. Of course, it is possible that the eye is not cybernetic, and that its black appearance and red iris are the result of blunt force trauma. Before the reveal, Oswald takes a brutal beating from Umbrella Man, lasting through 12 panels that fill a single page of the issue.

What Led Oswald Cobblepot To Become The Penguin Is Revealed

After the revelation, Oswald accepts the cruel description given to him by the bullies during his youth: “small animal”, and charges at the Umbrella Man with ferocity. Penguin bites Umbrella Man’s throat, killing the villain. He then looks at himself in the mirror and quietly says to himself, “Thank you, Stephen Vanderesch,” the name of the childhood bully who called Oswald a “stupid little animal” and prompted his purpose in life to “be admired and admired.” respected”. “feared”.

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Batman Villains Are Getting Their Joke-Like Killer Stories

bad day penguin is the last one-shot of the batman – bad day saga to launch from writing. Inspired by the Joker concept introduced in Batman: The Killing Joke that all it takes is “just one bad day” to change someone for the worse forever, the saga will unfold over eight issues in total, each one explaining the “one bad day” that serves as the origin of Batman’s villain . Prior to bad day penguinone-shots were released revolving around the Riddler and Two-Face, with issues focusing on Mr. Freeze, Catwoman, Bane, Clayface, and Ra’s al Ghul along the way.

Batman – One Bad Day: Penguin Issue 1 is written by Ridley with layouts and front cover by Camuncoli, finishes by Smith, and lettering by Rob Leigh. Jim Lee, Alex Sinclair, Dan Mora, Jamal Campbell, Brian Bolland, Camuncoli, and Arif Prianto contributed variant covers for the issue. The issue is on sale now from DC Comics.

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