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    With Immortals of Aveum almost upon us, it comes with a fresh set of patch notes for the tweaks, changes, and bug fixes players can expect to see coming to the game from day one.

    In Immortals of Aveum, players will be taking up the mantle of Jak, as he journeys onward in a high-fantasy adventure to stop the scourge of Rasharn from claiming victory in the ongoing Everwar. So, to get the most streamlined experience, a day-one patch can smooth things over nicely.

    So, read on for everything you’ll need to know about this day-one patch in the game, from minor tweaks to improved accessibility.

    Key fixes in Immortals of Aveum

    The floating platforms in Immortals of Aveum

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    In Immortals of Aveum’s day one patch, several changes tweak and improve visual aspects of the game, from the UI to the VFX. While some are bigger than others, they’ll all certainly be welcome additions to the game.

    • Improved performance and memory usage throughout the game
    • Improved POI, quest objectives, and minimap guidance throughout
    • Numerous visual improvements to cinematics and gameplay 


    • Minor visual improvements and fixes to UI, VFX, and other art throughout the game
    • Fine-tuned player stats, damage, health, mana, combat, and progression
    • Fixed progress blockers and exploits through the game and epilogue
    • Improved exposure settings across the game while playing on low-quality settings
    • Improved lighting during conversations with NPCs
    • Fixed an issue where a boss’ health bar would display their shield even after the shield was shredded


    • Implemented shader building process upon first start-up of a clean install
    • Fixed bugs in animations and meshes that occurred when playing at a high FOV
    • Defaulted V-sync to on (can be turned off in the graphics settings menu) 
    • Rebalanced GPU/CPU allocation for each graphics setting to more accurately reflect their Performance Budget impact 
    • Overall improvements to the Graphics Settings menu for clarity 
    • Added additional messaging for how to cycle control spells 
    • Game should now properly recognize every resolution and aspect ratio supported by your monitor
    • Be sure to check out our breakdown of the Sigils in Immortals of Aveum

    Console updates in Immortals of Aveum

    Kirkan in Immortals of Aveum, she is wielding blue magic to make a shield

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    • Addressed missing VFX at the end of Chapter 2 if playing before the game has finished downloading 
    • Improved terrain texture transition between different detail levels 
    • Ensured that Light Shafts and Local Exposure are on for all consoles


    • Reduced memory overhead on Series S 
    • Resolved material error with Palathon pillars


    Misc. Changes & Minor Fixes in Immortals of Aveum

    Jak in Immortals of Aveum

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    • Ensured that the objective notification for completing 100% of the game always appears in your HUD
    • Improved functionality for accept/revert buttons in the settings menu 
    • Improvements to audio mixing and transitions and fixed missing sound effects throughout the game 
    • Ensured that enemies do not attack the player while the player is still loading into the level
    • Localization improvements throughout 
    • Immolate will now consistently damage Brute Shield spells
    • Redistributed Rings across the game
    • Fixed missing lipsync during the Bathysphere sequence
    • Improvements to follow guidance on Devyn during Chapter 4
    • Fixed issue where Colorblind mode would sometimes turn off during parts of cutscenes
    • Fixed an issue where starting a new game and returning to a previous profile would clear map data
    • Improvements to subtitle accuracy, duration, and display categories
    • Improved lunge and critical hit detection on the Shrouded Howler boss
    • Added safeguards on puzzles and encounters in revisited areas to ensure that they always save and reload safely
    • Burstfire sigil now properly transmutes limpets
    • Improvements to colourblind profile settings

    That’s everything you need to know about the day-one patch notes for Immortals of Aveum. With these updates and tweaks coming to the game on release, you’re sure to see a smoother and more streamlined experience to improve your time in the game world.


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