Dashing Fire Achievements Guide

This guide is here to help you with getting all the achievements on this game. I did this for Blackthornprod’s previous game, The Dreadful Whispers, so I really wanted to do it for this one too. Let’s go!

Basic Information

I’ll divide this guide into a few sections to make it easier to find the achievement you might be struggling with. Just like with Noa’s last game, the desctiptions are usually enough to understand the achievements, but I still hope to provide some help with the tougher ones.

As of 12/28/2020, the Complete Lore achievement is still bugged. There doesn’t seem to be a way to get it for now, even if you unlock all the lore. Let’s hope this gets fixed soon!

As of 02/08/2021, it’s still bugged…

Now, let’s get into the achievements.


You’ll get these as you progress through the game’s worlds and reach their end.

Dashing Fire Achievements Guide

Fields of Gold

Complete Fields of Gold.

Reach the end of the 3rd level in the Fields of Gold.

Dashing Fire Achievements Guide

Lush Lands

Complete Lush Lands.

Reach the end of the 3rd level in the Lush Lands.

Dashing Fire Achievements Guide

The Crimson Hollow

Complete The Crimson Hollow.

Reach the end of the 3rd level in The Crimson Hollow.

Dashing Fire Achievements Guide

Tenebrous Sky

Complete Tenebrous Sky.

Reach the end of the 3rd level in the Tenebrous Sky.


For each of the worlds, there are 3 possible bosses that can appear after the 3rd level, with the exception of the Tenebrous Sky which only has 2 bosses that appear one after the other.

  • Fields of Gold:
Dashing Fire Achievements Guide

The Stab

Defeat The Stab.

Dashing Fire Achievements Guide
  • Marma
    Defeat Marma.
Dashing Fire Achievements Guide

  • Celeth
    Defeat Celeth.
  • Lush Lands:
Dashing Fire Achievements Guide

  • Hororo
    Defeat Hororo.
Dashing Fire Achievements Guide

  • Lush
    Defeat Lush.
Dashing Fire Achievements Guide

  • Gloop
    Defeat Gloop.
  • The Crimson Hollow:
Dashing Fire Achievements Guide

  • The Crimson Sphix
    Defeat The Crimson Sphix.
Dashing Fire Achievements Guide

  • Howla
    Defeat Howla.
Dashing Fire Achievements Guide

  • Zuluth
    Defeat Zuluth.
  • Tenebrous Sky:
Dashing Fire Achievements Guide

  • Gollop, The Sun Eater
    Defeat Gollop, The Sun Eater.
Dashing Fire Achievements Guide

  • The Sun
    Defeat The Sun.


These achievements provide general challenges for the player, mostly related to ways in which you can beat the game.

Dashing Fire Achievements Guide


Complete a level without destroying a single enemy.

More easily achievable on the first 2 levels of the Fields of Gold, as they are the shortest and with the least amount of enemies on each planet.

Dashing Fire Achievements Guide

From A to Z

Complete the game without taking any Shortcuts.

Self explanatory. Start at the Fields of Gold and defeat The Sun.

Dashing Fire Achievements Guide


Complete the game without Shortcuts and in less than 15 minutes.

Only attempt this after you know each world, the enemies and the best powers to go for first. Try going for a safe strategy where you upgrade the healing card, so you can maybe damage boost through enemies in the laster levels and heal multiple hearts at once.

Dashing Fire Achievements Guide


Complete the game without Shortcuts and Healing Hearts.

Caution is key. Be very careful especially on the first levels, upgrade the stars card 3 times on the Fields of Gold to get more sun on the later levels, and hope to find either the Sun’s Shield or Sun’s Resilience power-ups on the first store.

Dashing Fire Achievements Guide


Complete the game without Shortcuts and without using any Stars.

Possibly the hardest challenge. I assume this means beat the game without either buying anything on the store, or without choosing the star card after each level. Potentially glitched as I got this one after my first ever victory, and I definetely did both of the things I said above.

Dashing Fire Achievements Guide

Pure Epic

Complete the game in HARD Mode.

Beat the game in HARD mode. I assume you need to start at the Fields of Gold, but it might be possible to start at the Tenebrous Sky and still get this one.

Dashing Fire Achievements Guide


Reach 200 in Endless Mode.

Self Explanatory. Endless Mode can be accessed by the 5th shortcut in the level select screen. The counter in Endless Mode goes up by 1 every 1.5 seconds, so you’ll need to survive 5 minutes to get this achievement. Personally, I would focus on getting to the half-way mark without taking damage, then just focusing until the end.


These achievements all have to do with stars.

  • There are two types of stars in the game:In-level stars, which are obtained by killing enemies (10 stars per enemy), opening chests or collecting star flies in dark levels (50 stars each), defeating bosses (300 stars per boss) or choosing the stars card at the end of each level (amount starts at 200 and can be increased by 1.5x per level).
  • Lore stars, which are awarded after dying on any level or after defeating The Sun. The amount of stars increases the further the player is on the levels, and for defeating The Sun the player gets around 90 stars. Endless Mode awards no lore stars upon death.
Dashing Fire Achievements Guide


Possess 10 000 stars.

You must have 10000 In-level stars at any point of the game. Easier to obtain during The Crimson Hollow or the Tenebrous Sky with a highly upgraded stars card.

Dashing Fire Achievements Guide


Unlock ALL Shortcuts.

Use your lore stars to unlock the 4 shortcuts on the level selection screen. The first one costs 20 lore stars, the second costs 30, and the last 2 each cost 50.

Dashing Fire Achievements Guide

Complete Lore

Unlock ALL Lore.

Currently unobtainable! To get this one, you must use your lore stars to unlock every piece of lore in the LORE section. The full list of lore star costs is as follows:

  • Bosses: 305
  • Shadows: 99
  • Powers: 84
  • Areas: 105
  • TOTAL: 593 lore stars.

Closing thoughts

I hope this guide helped you! Also here’s hoping the few achievements that are glitched/bugged get fixed soon!

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Dashing Fire Achievements Guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Kawaii Desu-chan. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.