DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED Quick Set Up Guide For Gear And Weapons

DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED Quick Set Up Guide For Gear And Weapons

A guide to getting a quick set up for Dark Souls, allowing you to quickly and (relatively) easily acquire great starting gear for a new game


So, you’re starting off a new game in Dark Souls, perhaps for the first time, maybe for the thousandth.

Either way, this guide will give you a step by step breakdown of what I consider to be a really great start to the game. The guide starts after you get to Firelink, as the Asylum is linear and doesn’t hold much of interest. I’ll try to make the directions concise but detailed.

Step 1 – Juicin’

  • From Firelink head past Petrus up the stairs to the lifts, drop down to grab the homeward bones then take the Graveyard path to head down into the Catacombs.
  • This area is absolute AIDS early game, so I suggest simply running through everything, check out this video to see how quickly and easily it can be done
  • Summon Leeroy, help him wreck Pinwheel (for the Sanctus swag)
  • Congratulations, you now have the Rite of Kindling, enabling you to juice up any bonfire with humanity to increase your estus usages
  • Pop a homeward bone, back to Firelink down the lift to New Londo Ruins (make sure to step on the plate once you get to the bottom to send it back up – saves a lot of time waiting around if something goes wrong)
  • Cross bridges to access ruins
  • The first open area you come to, take a right, moving quickly to avoid the Ghost enemies which appear in this area
  • Look for an archway, beyond which you will a thin submerged bridge leading to an item, quickly run to it and pick it up, make sure to weave between the 2 Ghosts that spawn on the bridge
  • It’s a Firekeeper Soul
  • If you’re quick enough you can run back across the bridge and back the way you came, avoiding the Ghosts without dying.
  • Head to Valley of the Drakes through the locked door in New Londo (needs the Master Key)
  • Enter the tunnel, making sure to steer clear of the trolls as you run to the ladder, ignore the chest (it contains the key to the door you just opened)
  • Continue to descend the ladders until you reach the first Blow-dart Hollow
  • Shield raised, run past him and then take a left at the corner, look down and you’ll see another Firekeeper Soul guarded by 2 dogs, drop down and quickly pick it up
  • Embrace your inevitable demise, back to Firelink
  • At Firelink, talk to Anastasia to reinforce your Estus flask with the Firekeeper Souls you’ve obtained – WARNING this will result in Lautrec being freed from his cell and killing Anastasia upon your next visit to Firelink, so just be aware that after this point until you get to Anor Londo Firelink bonfire will be unusable
  • Head back down the lift to New Londo, through the tunnel and all the way down to the base of Blighttown
  • Get the bonfire on the left of the lift, this will cause Maneater Mildred to invade
  • Mildred is pretty tough, so abuse backstabs or parry if you’re confident, otherwise you can abuse the swamp to whittle away her health – just watch out, she hits like a truck.
  • After Mildred has been defeated and before advancing on Quelaag, you can use this opportunity to run to the Great Hollow and grab the Chloranthy ring. If you’re lucky enough to get the Mask of the Son, then paired with the Grass Crest and Green Blossom you can have much improved stamina regeneration
  • Run to the giant nest and summon Mildred before entering the fog
  • Mildred can’t quite solo Quelaag so she needs your help, try to keep aggro on you so Mildred can stay alive to keep hammering Quelaag
  • Go through to Demon Ruins, time to “fight” Ceaseless Discharge.
  • Pick up the Gold-hemmed set, this will aggro Ceaseless and begin the fight
  • Staying in front of Ceaseless with your shield up, wait until he has done his AoE attack and then sprint for the Fog Gate
  • He’ll leap towards you, at which point you can hit his tentacle a few times and he will fall to his death
  • Congrats, you now have one of the best light armor sets in the game, with excellent elemental defenses
  • Homeward Bone back to Firelink

Step 2 – Winning

  • You can now play through the game as normal, with the exception that you have as many heals as you need in any area, your estus ought to heal you almost completely, you have great armor and a fine amount of Souls to level up with and get your build started right away. Hopefully this guide is of some help.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED Quick Set Up Guide For Gear And Weapons that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Clockwork_Ninja. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.