DARK SOULS™ II: Collectibles Based Achievements Guide

A simplistic guide for the tougher collectible-based achievements in Dark Souls 2

Magic Simplified

DARK SOULS™ II: Collectibles Based Achievements Guide

I like splitting Magic into basic categories: Purchasable, Findable, Questline, Boss-Sorceries, and Covenant-only, and Questline-only.


  • “Magic” applies to Sorceries, Miracles, Pyromancies, and Hexes.
  • In Scholar of the First Sin, DLC Magic also counts towards the achievement.


Soul Arrow – Carhillion of the Fold

Great Soul Arrow – Carhillion of the Fold

Heavy Soul Arrow – Carhillion of the Fold

Great Heavy Soul Arrow – Carhillion of the Fold

Shockwave – Carhillion of the Fold

Soul Spear Barrage – Carhillion of the Fold

Magic Weapon – Carhillion of the Fold

Yearn – Carhillion of the Fold

Soul Spear – Grave Warden Agdayne

Soul Vortex – Grave Warden Agdayne

Cast Light – Straid of Olaphis

Homing Soul Arrow – Straid of Olaphis

Fall Control – Weaponsmith Ornifex

Homing Soul Mass – Weaponsmith Ornifex

Fireball – Rosabeth of Melfia

Fire Orb – Rosabeth of Melfia

Combustion – Rosabeth of Melfia

Poison Mist – Rosabeth of Melfia

Flash Sweat – Rosabeth of Melfia

Iron Flesh – Rosabeth of Melfia

Firestorm – Twitchy Gren

Great Combustion – Twitchy Gren

Fire Whip – Twitchy Gren

Lingering Flame – Straid of Olaphis

Flame Swathe – Straid of Olaphis

Warmth – Grave Warden Agdayne

Heal – Licia of Lindeldt

Medium Heal – Licia of Lindelt

Great Heal Excerpt – Licia of Lindelt

Replenishment – Licia of Lindelt

Replendent Life – Licia of Lindelt

Caressing Prayer – Licia of Lindelt

Force – Licia of Lindelt

Lightning Spear – Licia of Lindelt

Homeward – Licia of Lindelt

Guidance – Licia of Lindelt

Great Heal – Cromwell the Pardoner

Emit Force – Cromwell the Pardoner

Heavenly Thunder – Cromwell the Pardoner

Perseverance – Cromwell the Pardoner

Great Lightning Spear – Straid of Olaphis, after obtaining the King’s Ring

Sunlight Blade – Straid of Olaphis, after obtaining the King’s Ring

Unveil – Straid of Olaphis

Soul Appease – Stone Trader Chloanne

Magic Barrier – Head of Vengarl

Great Magic Barrier – Chancellor Wellager

Dark Orb – Straid of Olaphis

Dark Hail – Straid of Olaphis

Dark Fog – Straid of Olaphis

Affinity – Straid of Olaphis

Dead Again – Stone Trader Chloanne

Dark Weapon – Felkin the Outcast

Great Resonant – Felkin the Outcast

Resonant Flesh – Felkin the Outcast

Resonant Weapon – Felkin the Outcast

Scraps of Life – Cromwell the Pardoner

Darkstorm – Magerold of Lanafir


Homing Crystal Soul Mass – Shrine of Amana after Rhoy’s Resting Place bonfire

Soul Greatsword – Drangleic Castle

Soul Bolt – Drangleic Castle

Soul Geyser – Aldia’s Keep

Crystal Magic Weapon – Dragon Shrine

Hush – Lost Bastille

Repair – Shaded Ruins

Chameleon – Harvest Valley

Focus Souls – Crown of the Sunken King

Soul Flash – Crown of the Ivory King

Great Fireball – Brightstone Cove Tseldora

Fire Tempest – Shrine of Amana

Chaos Storm – Iron Keep

Immolation – Belfry Sol

Dance of Tower – Brume Tower

Fire Snake – Brume Tower

Denial – Dragon’s Sanctum

Splintering Lightning Spear – Crown of the Ivory King

Whisper of Despair – Grave of Saints

Promised Walk of Peace – Crown of the Sunking King, in Sanctum City

Dark Greatsword – Crown of the Sunken King, near the Priestess’ Chamber

Recollection – Crown of the Old Iron King, in the Brume Tower

Dark Dance – Crown of the Ivory King, on a corpse near the second bonfire

Boss Souls:

Heavy Homing Soul Arrow (Ruin Sentinel Soul) – Weaponsmith Ornifex, Shaded Woods.

Crystal Soul Spear (Old Paledrake Soul) – Straid of Olaphis

Soul Shower (Scorpion Najka Soul) – Straid of Olaphis

Toxic Mist (Royal Rat Vanguard) – Straid of Olaphis

Acid Surge (Royal Rat Authority) – Straid of Olaphis

Flame Weapon (Old Witch Soul) – Straid of Olaphis

Outcry (Nadalia, Bride of Ash Soul) – Straid of Olaphis

Blinding Bolt (Old King Soul) – Straid of Olaphis


Hidden Weapon – Bell Keeper Covenant (Rank 2)

Great Chaos Fireball – Brotherhood of Blood, or Chancellor Wellager on NG++

Bountiful Sunlight – Blue Sentinels (Rank 3), or Chancellor Wellager on NG++

Wrath of the Gods – Blue Sentinels (Rank 2), or Chancellor Wellager on NG++

Sunlight Spear – Acquired from Heirs of the Sun (Rank 3)

Sacred Oath (Soul of Velstadt) – Straid of Olaphis

Repel (Giant Lord Soul) – Straid of Olaphis

Earned Through Questline(s):

Unleash Magic – Royal Sorcerer Navlaan

Forbidden Sun – Royal Sorcerer Navlaan

Great Magic Weapon – Royal Sorcerer Navlaan

Strong Magic Shield – Royal Sorcerer Navlaan

Soothing Sunlight – Acquired from Licia of Lindeldt after killing her using a Crushed-Eye Orb.

Lifedrain Patch (Darklurker Soul) – Straid of Olaphis, must complete Darkdiver Grandahl’s chasms.

Profound Still – Darkdiver Grandahl

How to Progress Covenants:

  • Brotherhood of Blood – 400+ invasions (500 points) needed for Great Chaos Fireball.
  • Bell Keepers – Defeat hosts/red phantoms 30 times for Hidden Weapon.
  • Blue Sentinels – Defeat 150/500 dark phantoms/invaders/duelists as a Blue Sentinel.
  • Heirs of the Sun – Defeat 30 bosses in co-op for Sunlight Spear, or farm Falconers on NG+1.

or you can simply just arrive at Drangliec Castle on NG+2 and purchase all of them from

Chancellor Wellager.

*Note: Except for Bell Keepers, this is the only true grind of Dark Souls 2. You must defeat 30 red phantoms, which spawn at random intervals in the belfry-area at Iron Keep. I’ve completed this grind three times, one for each of my DS2 platinum trophies. It takes a few hours to complete, faster if you endorse belfry PvP.

Covenants & Gestures

DARK SOULS™ II: Collectibles Based Achievements Guide


  • Welcome – Crestfallen Saudlen in Majula.
  • Duel Bow – Submitting a Token of Fidelity to Blue Sentinel Targray in Cathedral of Blue.
  • Mock – Un-petrify Straid of Olaphis in Lost Bastille.
  • Joy – Speak with Benhart of Yugo after un-petrifying Rosabeth in Majula.
  • Decapitate – Speak to the Head of Vengarl in Shaded Woods.
  • Warmup – Speak with Tark using the Ring of Whispers after defeating Najka in Shaded Woods.
  • Fist Pump – Creighton the Wanderer in Huntsman’s Copse.
  • Praise the Sun – Learnt from the Altar of Sunlight in Harvest Valley.
  • Prostration – Pay Laddersmith Gilligan 2000 Souls in Earthen Peak.
  • This One’s Me – Speak to Chancellor Wellager inside the main entrance of Drangleic Castle.
  • Have Mercy! – Speak to Grave Warden Agdayne without lighting a torch inside Undead Crypt.
  • Hurrah! – From Captain Drummond in the Memory of Vammar, Forest of the Fallen Giants.

Note: Check out my ‘NPC Questlines in Order’ guide on Steam for all gestures in-order!

Discovering the covenants is apart of achieving 100% and a portion of the achievements.

DARK SOULS™ II: Collectibles Based Achievements Guide

Heirs of the Sun – Kneel to the altar in the small hidden area within Harvest Valley, after the 2nd bonfire (The Mines).

DARK SOULS™ II: Collectibles Based Achievements Guide

Brotherhood of Blood – Speak with Twitchy Gren in the small area just after the Executioner’s Chariot boss fight within Huntman’s Copse.

DARK SOULS™ II: Collectibles Based Achievements Guide

Rat King – Speak with the Rat King after beating the mongrel in Doors of Pharros, or find him in Grave of Saints.

DARK SOULS™ II: Collectibles Based Achievements Guide

Company of Champions – In Majula, take the path along the coast to the right and pray at the altar.

DARK SOULS™ II: Collectibles Based Achievements Guide

Way of the Blue – In Majula, speak with Crestfallen Saulden.

DARK SOULS™ II: Collectibles Based Achievements Guide

Blue Sentinels – Cathedral of Blue, Heide’s Tower of Flame – Speak with Targray with a Token of Fidelity. A Token of Fidelity is gained per area boss defeated as a Blue Sentinel.

DARK SOULS™ II: Collectibles Based Achievements Guide

Dragon Remnants – Give the Petrified Egg found in the Dragon Shrine to Magerold of Lanafir within Iron Keep, on the right as you enter just after the lava-bridge.

DARK SOULS™ II: Collectibles Based Achievements Guide

Pilgrims of the Dark – Speak with Darkdiver Grandahl at all three of his locations; Shaded Woods, Drangleic Castle, and Black Gulch.

DARK SOULS™ II: Collectibles Based Achievements Guide

Bell Keepers – Found within the Servants Quarters of Lost Bastille.

Remaining Achievements

DARK SOULS™ II: Collectibles Based Achievements Guide

Remaining Achievements:

Smith for Life – After the Pursuer Boss Fight, traverse for the small nest on your right and examine it. Then you will travel to the Lost Bastille – The Tower Apart Bonfire, where there are two iron chests with the ember inside one of them.

Give the Dull Ember to Steady Hand McDuff at the Lost Bastille to gain access to Infusions, the application the special upgrade stones.

*It is the only blacksmith’s ember available in the game and functions as an all-purpose upgrade for all elemental types.

Selfless Giver – The easiest covenant to do this for is Heirs of Sunlight, you can do bouts of jolly cooperation, or farm tokens from Falconers in Thing’s Betwixt on NG+1.

Vendrick – Can be found just after Velstadt in Undead Crypt, Vendrick is considerably easier to fight with the five Giant Souls from the various Giant Memories scattered throughout Forest of the Fallen Giants.

Note: There are no upgrading based achievements nor weapon-based achievements for Dark Souls II.

You can find a linear solution to the other remaining ‘NPC achievements’ on my NPC Questlines in Order guide on Steam!


I hope this aided you in your pilgrimage, curse bearer!

I’ve written multiple un-posted guides on my tenure of obtaining 12 FromSoft 100% completions thus far, 6 of which are Dark Souls platinum trophies on PS3/PS4. After much consideration I’ve begun compiling my knowledge into a series of Dark Souls guides.

It’s somewhat tasking attempting to accumulate this information into an simplistic, easy-to-understand guide — but I try. 😉

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This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love DARK SOULS™ II: Collectibles Based Achievements Guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

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