Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

This Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide’s purpose is to give information to new players or even help out some older ones. This guide will go over, the stats of each character, ideas and tricks to do with them, and help someone learn the specifics of items and hazards.
Info is from the DD fandom wiki pages, my experiences, and info from other players I have learned from which I have credited in the “Special Thanks” area.

Dark Deception Wiki : https://dark-deception-game.fandom.com/wiki/Dark_Deception_Wiki

Leave a comment if you learned anything at all even if it is minor or major and leave a thumbs up if you found this useful. Glad I could help and I plan to keep this guide up to date as the game updates.


This guide goes over what it says in the title. So if you do not know the game controls, what items do, what each game-mode is, etc. Be sure to check the tutorial and settings. In those places you can see what they each do, and you can change your keybindings.

Because DD:M&M is a game that will receive updates and patches I would subscribe to the comment section so you get notified when I add or change info from the guide. I comment what I change btw. If you notice the guide is updated and I left no comment it is spelling and grammar fixes that I noticed. I also leave comments when a new update is out for the game like when a DLC drops or if there are some undocumented changes that they did. If I do not make a post if the game gets an update it is most likely just bug fixes.

All estimates of time such as how long an item lasts are based on the in game timer and not real life seconds.

With that out of the way, let’s start with the stats of each character starting with the Mortals.

Mortal stats

Every character in the game has the same stats like other characters in their category most of the time. For example, every balanced mortal has the same HP, speed, damage output, etc as the others in that class type.

The stats will be based off of their default stats (no items that boost their dmg output or speed)

This is for the base game mortals, no DLC characters as they have their own area if you want to check them out.

Balanced mortals – Doug Houser, Detective Evans, Nikson

Light dmg/Heavy dmg15/30
Attack cooldownAverage (You can do two Light attacks and wait about 2 seconds before you can do it again)

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide
Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

If you use them, they are average at getting shards and fighting against other players.

They have no upsides or downsides save for their different ultimate abilities which I will get into later. When they are killed in Maze Escape the mortals lose 25 shards if any of these 3 are killed. So while they do not cost the team too much try not to die as they can easily add up.

Speed Mortal – PenPen

Hp140 (Lowest HP for mortals and of all characters)
Light dmg/ Heavy dmg8/16
SpeedFast (Fastest character in game with other Speed types)
Attack cooldownLittle to none, you can do light attacks with little to no cooldown in between her heavy attack however, has a cooldown in between that is average like the balanced type

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

If you use her she is so fast that every monster will have to use items or ambush you to even hurt you. She is great for getting away from all monster types and easily gets shards quickly if left alone.

However, because she is very fast if killed she will cost the mortals to lose 50 shards and has the lowest HP of all mortals currently. She is high risk high reward so only play her if you plan on NOT fighting and keeping an item on you for safety.

Upside is her speed and little to no attack cooldown, her downsides is her low HP and great blow to mortals on Maze Escape if she is killed.

Power Mortal – Glowstick Vince

Hp240 (Highest HP for mortals)
Light dmg/Heavy dmg25/50 (Most damage for mortals)
SpeedSlow (Slowest character in the game)
Attack cooldownGreat (Make your choice of attack count since light attacks have a bigger cooldown and even more for the heavy attack)
Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

If you use Glowstick Vince you have a character that is the slowest of the current mortals but you are a power house that can make nearly every monster type (except power) have to bring an item or use their ultimates to take you down. You are dangerous to approach but easy to catch up to.

Upsides is that you do the most damage and have the most HP out of the current mortals and if killed you cost the team in Maze Escape 15 shards (the lowest the team can lose) but, your downsides is you are the slowest one so you are not gonna just do a hit and run, you are going to have to fight your way out of situations or use items. Pick Vince if you want the monster to stay away from you or take caution when approaching you.

Support Mortal – Bierce

Light dmg/ Heavy dmg10/20
SpeedMore than average (Slower than Speed type, faster than Balanced type so right in the middle)
Attack cooldownLess than average (Faster than Balanced types, slower than Speed types)
Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

SPECIAL – If you use her heavy attack (right click) you can heal your teammates on hit for 5 hp and it isn’t class specific, no matter who you hit it they’ll always receive 5 Hp.

If you decide to choose Bierce she is right in the middle of Speed and Balance classes. She is more than average at getting shards, she has more hp and speed than the balanced classes so you’ll live longer and take another hit or two before dying. If you die in Maze Escape the team loses 35 shards.

Upsides is that you have the 2nd most HP and speed of mortals and is the only one who can heal mortals at any time but, your downside is that if you are killed you cost the team the 2nd most shards they can lose and you can only heal teammates if you get near them and hit them (not counting her ultimate ability).

Monster stats

Keep in mind that balanced monsters are faster than balanced mortals. So just because it says Average doesn’t mean the speed is 1:1 as a mortal of the same class. This is for balance reasons for Maze Escape. The only exception to this is Speed class. Speed types have the exact same speed. Otherwise the same type when comparing mortals to monsters, the monsters always barely outrun the mortal counterpart.
This is for the base game monsters, no DLC characters as they have their own area if you want to check them out.

Balanced Monsters – Murder Monkey, Dread Ducky, Clown Gremlin

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide
Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Light dmg/ Heavy dmg30/60
SpeedAverage (Faster than all mortals except Speed and Support)
Attack cooldownAverage

These monsters do an average job of chasing down mortals and other monsters in the gamemodes and do average damage. These are great for reliability but differentiate from their Ultimate abilities.

However, Dread Ducky’s light attack and Clown Gremlin’s heavy attack have more range to them than their other attacks.

These monsters have no upsides nor downsides with the exception of the underlined above. So it depends more on the player’s choice.

Speed Monster – Agatha

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide
Hp200 (Lowest hp of all monsters)
Light dmg/ Heavy dmg18/36
SpeedFast (can outrun every mortal except Speed types, they’re the same speed and the fastest characters)
Attack CooldownLittle to none for her LIGHT attacks (Similar if not 1:1 to PenPen’s) but, her heavy attack has an average cooldown like the balanced type

She is great for collecting shards and catching up to mortals but, is very weak so she shouldn’t take part in fights against Power classes unless she has an item to help her out in them. Very useful in Shard Mayhem because she can just run away from the other monsters unless they use an item or if they are also a speed type.

Upsides is her very fast speed and little to no cooldown on attacks but, her downside is that she has the lowest Hp of all the monsters in the game currently so she can be very easy to kill if the mortal or monster is good at the game or has an item to assist them.

Power Monsters – Gold Watcher, Malak

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide
Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Hp360 (Highest hp of ALL characters currently)
Light dmg/ Heavy dmg40/80 (Most damage of all characters currently)
SpeedSlow (2nd Slowest in the game, can only outrun Power mortals)
Attack cooldownBig gap. Just like with Power Mortals use your attacks wisely as there’re big gaps in between both types and the light attacks gap is smaller than the heavy attack

These characters are powerful in fights and can 3 shot most mortals to kill them if they stick with heavy attacks. 2 if they use a specific item which I will go into in the next section. It is best for these characters to have a speed boost item or some other item to assist them in catching mortals since they are the slowest monsters. If you play as these 2 characters fights are way more in your favor because of your hp and dmg. Players are more likely to only attack you if they have an item or are the same class as ya. Speed characters will be difficult to get because of their speed.

Upsides are that you do the most damage and have the most hp, but the downside is that you are the 2nd slowest characters in the game so use items to stun or slow down foes or boost your speed or dmg output to ensure you get the kill.

Item specifics (Pt.1)

This section will go over the specifics of items and what they do. There is also a tutorial area in the game btw if you need a quick summarization of what the item does. This is for how long they last, how they work, and if there is anything that they do not work on.

If you do not know where it is at, check the extras in game and it will show the tutorial (HUD info, and what each item does but not very specific in terms of numbers)

Some items are self explanatory and can be used immediately or saved for their moments. I will go over where and when to use items here and even in “Tips and Tricks”.

There are 2 types of soul shard items. Soul Shard and Soul Bundle.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

The one on the left is Soul Shard and when used you get 10 soul shards. If used by a monster in Maze Escape however, the mortals lose 10 shards from the total.

The one on the right is Soul Bundle and it gives you 25 soul shards when used. If used by a monster in Maze Escape however, the mortals lose 25 shards from the total.

The next one applies to both the item and the trap time event in Monkey Business.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Banana Peel.
If you see a banana you can destroy them in 1 or 2 hits. The attack type does matter as it takes two light attacks to destroy them. Heavy attacks (right click) can take them out in one hit to get rid of them. Most people know this already, however some do NOT know this so I put it here to hopefully help them out. If you walk into it you will be stunned for 2 seconds.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Speed Boost.

You already know what this does, some people might not notice a small detail. If you use this you are IMMUNE to all banana’s so feel free to run over them. They will not stun you unless the item wears off. This lasts for 4 seconds.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Med Kit.
This item heals you. The less health you have the more likely you’ll receive this item from a portal box. HP gained back depends on what class and character type you are. Thanks to Mr.Mister for this information. Thanks to Gift Card, RyGuy LV, and lion_keeper as well for telling me how this item works specifically : The medkit will heal you for 30% of your characters max Hp. Here is the table for the numbers below. So you can potentially use this strategically in fights to know when you should use it so you can get the most use of it.

Class typeMortal hp/ Monster hp
Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

This lasts for 4 seconds and reveals all foes on the gamemode. Can be found by anyone in Shard Mayhem. In Maze Escape and Soul Collection only the mortals can get it as the monster can see them through walls. In Soul Collection it will show Monsters in a red fog while the mortals will be in a purple fog.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

This is best used so your foes cannot see you. You can only be detected if an opponent uses Telepathy. Using this in Maze Escape makes it so the monster cannot see your outline through walls or the mini map until it wears off or they use Telepathy. However, you are not 100% undetectable. If you attack or playing as a character with distinct footsteps you still make noises so a foe who is listening can figure out where you are. It’s best used to get away or sneak up on someone so do not attack until close enough or grab any shards as they can see them disappear on the map and in their view. This lasts for 8 seconds.
Vanish does not work on bosses, clown gremlin clones, Robbie clones if you’re marked as their target, nor Phantom Malak. They can still see you and attack you. If it isn’t a human player they can still see you.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Frenzy Mode
This item will make you powerful, you’ll deal more damage and have a shorter cooldown between both attack types. It does effect some Ultimate abilities but, idk if this intentional or a bug. It boosts your damage done by 30% and will last for 8 seconds.
Thanks to Typervader for getting into contact with Nikson regarding this

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide
Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Phantom Malak
This item can be found by anyone in Shard Mayhem and can only be earned by the monster in Maze Escape & Soul Collection. So currently, mortals cannot get this item. When used it spawns Phantom Malak near an enemy and focuses on that enemy until they are dead, and then he will focus on another one. He lasts on the map for 45 seconds. When close enough to the target he will deal 50 damage.

Currently, only 1 type can outrun P.M. on their own with no items. They’re the speed types. You can walk through Phantom Malak if he gets too close to ya if you need to try and delay the attacks a bit longer. Support types are slightly slower than P.M. so cut corners and use items to avoid him. For Balanced and Power types use items and your ultimate abilities to get away or last longer.

This is the rarest item you can get, however since they removed all triple items and are yet to lower the chances of you getting this you can expect at least 1 or 2 of these a match.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Hand of Fate
This item lasts for 10 seconds on all foes. This can be earned by anyone on Shard Mayhem, and only by Monsters in Maze Escape and Soul Collection. When used all foes in the respective gamemode will not be able to grab an item for 10 seconds AND if they are using one like vanish, speed, Frenzy Mode, etc it will automatically end it. If you save this item it can greatly help out if someone uses speed boost or the invincibility shield.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Invincibility shield.
This will last for 8 seconds and you will take 0 damage from any and all sources. Attacks, traps, bosses, ultimate’s, anything that deals damage to you is gone. I highly suggest you save this item for escapes or fights. The only way this won’t work is if someone gets the hand of fate item. Remember that you are not immune to stuns or slows. Don’t waste this because you fell for the banana or you got slowed and your target is running away.

Item Specifics (Pt.2)

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Soul Corruption
This will last on all foes on the gamemode type for 5 seconds. In Shard Mayhem anyone can find this item but, in Maze Escape and Soul Collection only monsters can find this. When used all foes will have their movement keys and camera controls reversed. If you move your camera to look right you’ll look left instead, if you walk forward you’ll instead walk backwards. This can be timed on some maps or situations to screw with your foes so they get nervous and makes mistakes while you or the bosses catch up, or they don’t get off or away from the trap in time to escape death or damage.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Speed Drain
When used all foes in whichever gamemode you are on will have their movement speed cut in half for 5 seconds. Very useful to slow down shard gain and escape plans. Power types become slow as a snail and speed types will move as if they were a power type. This can be deadly when used on bosses such as Chef Monkeys or Doom Ducky and even traps.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Primal Fear
This can be a game changing item if used at the right time to get a kill. This item does a radius of effect around the user and will stun all foes for 4 seconds. This also ignores walls and height. So if you’re close enough and your target is through a wall or higher or lower than you this will still stun them. You will use this item for either getting a kill, getting free dmg on a target to shift the fight more in your favor, or to run from a foe.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Ultimate Drain
When used this will instantly reduce all foes ultimate ability meters by 25% and if they’re full they will still go back 25% and cannot be used. This item is mostly used instantly when found, however if you’re having trouble or have bad luck with foes using their Ultimate Ability over and over you can choose to save the item and when you see an enemy use it so they cannot use their ultimate which gives you the chance to use yours, run away, or engage in a fight.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

This is the opposite of Ultimate Drain. When used your ultimate ability will gain 25% of its charge. This is mostly used instantly when found. However you can save it so when you use your ultimate and it ends you can use this to get a head start on the next one.

Ultimate drain takes away charge from all foes while U-fuel gives you some charge.

Speaking of ultimate abilities…..

Ultimate ability stats! (base game)

You should know what each one does. This is so you know the specifics of some of them. This section is for the base game character ultimate abilities. Most of these can be cancelled if they run into a banana or get stunned. I will put a * symbol if they cannot be cancelled. This will be in the Mortal & Monster reveal order in the stats sections above. If you’re looking for stats of a DLC character check the DLC sections out for what you need.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Escape Plan
This Ultimate is self-explanatory in its name. A little detail that most tend to forget is that where you end up on the map after using this is entirely random. Keep it for emergencies so you do not waste it or accidentally put yourself in a bad position. If you use this when the portal is opened in Maze Escape you can escape without even going near the portal. Thanks to TyperVader for getting this info from Nikson

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Freeze Flash *
The specific of this ultimate is that the stunned foes are stunned for 5 seconds
The range is big, about half a hallway on Monkey Business (average hallway)
In Soul Collection you’ll likely be killed by him unless you use an item before the stun or you’re a power mortal who got lucky. Unless he gets help from teammates or you’re low on health do not worry about an Evans killing you if you’re a monster and you get flashed.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Shard Hack
After 2 seconds of using this, Nikson will steal 20% of the shards that are currently in the maze. So you will want to use it ASAP if you’re about to die. If the shards remaining result in that 20% being in between an exact number it will round up or down depending on where it lands. For example, 2.2 will round down to 2 and 3.9 will round up to 4.
Depending on the situation you might want to save it for the next shard wave or use it the moment you can. Depends on the mode and your situation. Max shard gain or get a boost in shards.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Shooting Star
This ultimate should be used for the speed boost to get shards or if you need to get away. The stun effect lasts for 2 seconds and can be reapplied over and over until the ultimate is over with. This lasts for 15 seconds. So use it wisely to run or stun & finish off a very low monster.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

You’ll See!
This lasts for 15 seconds. You reflect damage taken and Clown Gremlin clone damage, the Brute’s fire damage, Robbie’s clone damage, and Phantom Malak’s damage back at whoever summoned them.
You are immune to damage from bosses, traps, and Phantom Malak. Damage from players is also halfed. So if you normally take 100, instead you’ll take 50. Very useful against those who use ultimate abilities to hurt you. Except those that stun or don’t do any damage. The half of the damage you take will go back onto the user.
I.E. 100 dmg attack hits Vince, Vince loses 50 Hp, the attacker loses 150 Hp.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Helping Hand
This is a heal over time (10 seconds). Bierce is healed for 20 hp every second and will fully heal herself. Her teammates are healed 25% of their max hp instead overtime. If she uses this the other Support Mortals won’t get any at all. Doesn’t heal your mortal foes in Soul Collection.

So I did some math to figure out how much regen each mortal gets when Bierce uses her Ultimate.

Typeregen per second/ total heal
Balanced4.5 / 45
Speed3.5 / 35
Power6 / 60
SupportNone, relies on medkits & support heavy attacks to heal

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Slicer Dicer
Each slice does 50 damage, maximum damage is 1,600. Lasts for 10 seconds and can outrun all enemies except PenPen if she uses her ultimate ability and you’re immune to items & ultimate abilities that slow you down.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Ducky Surprise
For each bite it does 25 damage, if done entirely with no interruptions it does a max of 325 damage. If the target survive this, they will be stunned for 2 seconds. Giving you the chance to attack or run.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Clown Patrol *
This ability lasts for 30 seconds. However the specifics are that the clones die in 4 light hits or 2 heavy hits. So depending on who you are choose your attack type wisely.
Each clone does 30 dmg when they hit you. They chase after someone based on proximity not line of sight. So if one is on the other side of a wall they’ll go around to get to you. This ultimate will NOT keep charging when used. It will start charging again when the 30 seconds are up.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Hello Friend! *
The specifics is the damage it does. When used it will always do 100 damage unless the opponent is using an item, or if Glowstick Vince has used his ultimate so the damage is halfed and reflected at you.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Golden Demise
Each axe that lands does 25 dmg. If all of them hit it does a max of 500 damage. Lasts for 10 seconds. They also need to travel for a second before they hit the target. They also do not go on forever so do not use this thinking you can snipe someone.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Eye of Suffering
Biggest difference between this and the Gold Watchers Ultimate is that this does more damage in exchange for more accuracy, doesn’t need to travel, and has a shorter range. Do not miss if you use this as this lasts for 5 seconds and requires good aim. Each hit does 40 damage, a max of 2,000 damage. Every 0.1 seconds is 40 damage. So even if you briefly go over someone it is going to hurt them significantly.

Base game map events (Pt.1)

For this section I will talk about what tricks maps will throw at ya. Every map has the same layout. There is something else that can determine a game : Trap Time and Boss Time. I am going to do them in Map Order of release and this’ll be for the base game.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

A key thing to note is that both of these last for 1 minute when activated, they are auto activated when someone gets them in an item box, and they cannot be gained again until the event has passed.

Monkey Business’ events

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

When trap time is activated a bunch of bananas are spawned all over the map and plays “Feeding Frenzy”. When it ends, all of the bananas that are spawned in are despawned. If a banana isn’t despawned that is a banana that a player has put down. Like the item hit them twice with a light attack or once with a heavy attack to get rid of them. Stepping on one stuns you for 2 seconds.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

When boss time activates in Monkey Business two of these Chef Monkeys spawn in and chase the players. When they reach you they do 30 dmg a second (15 every 0.5 seconds). If you are a speed class you will have no issue unless a 3rd party intervenes. If you are balanced, support, or power you will NOT be able to outrun them when they drop their arms down.
So at that point try to last long enough so it ends, get an item to help you survive longer, use your ultimate depending on who you are, if all else fails when they get close turn around and run through them. They take a moment to turn around so you can get some distance for that couple of seconds. I would use that as a last resort when they get close. They have 2 modes. When swinging their arms they are at their slowest, when their arms are dropped they speed up. They will switch between the two.

When they’re active “Pizza Time!” plays.

With this info in mind in Maze Escape the mortals will need to collect 550 shards in order to check out. Here is the maze below.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Now for Deadly Decadence’s events

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

When trap time activates all of these spear traps will activate. They all activate at once and if you are ontop of them when they go off they deal 100 damage. Unlike the original Dark Deception there is no warning sound before they go up so do not rush them.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Say hello to the Titan Watcher. He likes to laugh and throw giant flaming axes into the hedge maze. Where he throws the axes seems to be random but, do not rely on that to keep yourself safe. If you look at T.W. you can see where they are going to land so you can save yourself.
If an axe lands on you it’ll deal half your health and when it lands you cannot walk through it until it disappears so it can sometimes cut off your escape route. They still block the monster’s path on Maze Escape though. Which can end up saving you. Sometimes an axe will hit you twice before landing which will kill you.

When either one of these are activated it plays “Mind your Manors”.

Mortals will need to collect 450 in order to finish the job. Here is the maze.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

We now go deep into Stranger Sewers.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

These are identical to the spear traps in Deadly Decadence. The only difference is their looks. They all activate at once, deal 100 damage, etc. When these short spike traps are activated the game plays “It’s Time to Leave”.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

This is Doom Ducky. When activated it spawns in 3 of these. 2 of them go down big hallways and if they get close to players they bite them for 100 damage. If you see this fellow coming down the hallway move out of the way. When they reach the end of their respective halls they respawn back at the start and go down it again, and again, until the time is up. These 2 Doom Duckies can push the monster in Maze Escape so unless they need a push they should be careful as they can unintentionally help the mortals.
Where is the 3rd one ?
Well, he is in the middle of the map where the original boss fight took place in the original game. In here however, he throws giant rubber duckies at ya with a white flame. If they hit you they deal 150 damage. So do not get hit and if the boss is active stay moving in that room. Do not however, walk in a straight line vertical to his perspective. That makes it easier for Doom Ducky. When this big boy is summoned the game plays “Doom and Despair” which is a remix of the original “Rising Terror”.

The mortals need to collect 450 shards for them to leave this smelly place. Here is the maze.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Elementary Evil is not the best school.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Like the original in the boss fight w/ Agatha, these explode when you get near them. When you get near one they do a tick noise before exploding 0.5 seconds afterwards. If you get caught in the blast it deals 100 damage so be careful. You can get close and as soon as you hear the tick you can run away. Only other options is if you can take the damage, if you have an invincibility shield item, or you can use the speed boost item to run past them before they blow up. Sometimes they can spawn in a corner so you can just cut that corner and be safe. You can even use your ultimate ability to help you survive or get past them.

When this trap time event is triggered “Scared of a Little Girl?” plays for the duration.

Do you know your ABCs ? These guys will make sure you remember.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

When boss time happens these little demons spawn in. A through G spawn in (a total of 7) and chase players around. Their speed is random every time a boss time event happens. For example, A could be so slow that only Power classes cannot get away but 3 minutes later someone starts the boss time event again and now A is a lot faster so only Support and Speed classes can get away. The speed of each letter is random on their spawn but, they still deal the same damage and have the same A.I.
If they catch up to you they deal 10 damage. Not a lot huh ? Well remember that 7 of them spawn in and if multiple ones are after you that can quickly stack up. Especially if trap time is also active so you might make a mistake and get hurt by a trap so they can finish you off.

When they spawn in “Lesson Learned (ABC Song)” plays until they all leave.

With this in mind the Mortals need to get 500 shards to be excused. Here is the maze.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Base game map events (Pt.2)

This section has nothing in it and is just here to be ready for the maps that are yet to be added to the game : Crazy Carnevil, Torment Therapy, Mascot Mayhem, and Bearly Buried (near future). Not to mention the Ch.5 levels (late 2021 or 2022) and even Dark Deception 2 levels (Added when DD2 is released in the far future) Might even need a part 3 for all the levels.

Tips & Tricks (Pt. 1)

“I keep getting stunned by Evans or PenPen.” – My answer to that is before you engage them get either a “Primal Fear” item or an “Ultimate Drain” item. For Primal fear get close and use it and it goes through walls as well. For Ultimate drain wait until you are close to them and as soon as they get within range of your attack or their ultimate range use it. Now they have to wait until it is ready again. Very effective for both cases, ultimate drain might be a slightly worse option since PenPen will most likely just run away.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

“The mortal keeps using a shield item or some other to stop me.” – If this is the case save the “Hand of Fate” item. When you get close or you suspect them of holding an item use it. This gets rid of whatever item they had, and they cannot get another item for 10 seconds.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

“Agatha keeps getting me with her Ultimate” – Keep getting items until you get the med kit item. Heal yourself above 100 so she cannot use it to kill ya. Keep in mind that she might go in, attack you, run away and than use it. Because she only has 200 hp attack her and try to kill her. This will reset her Ultimate and her item. If you get lucky and get a kit with max hp save it for when she uses her ultimate on you or is close to ya.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

“Ducky’s Ultimate is scary” – I know it is scary. However, you have many options. Obviously items to stun or drain his ultimate. Another is riskier but it can work, try and bait that sucker into wasting it if he misses it has to recharge. You can also keep that “Invincibility” shield item on ya. If you get one, get close to their range and use it. Odds are they’ll seek that opportunity for a kill, only to be wasted and being forced to run or fight.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Tips & Tricks (Pt. 2)

“When should I use items when running away from Chef Monkeys?” – it depends. Let’s just say there is no monster chasing you. If you get a health kit save it for when you lose half of your hp so you use all of it. If you get the Invincibility shield save it for when you are near death. If you get speed boost use it when they get too close.

Some other things to note is that in Maze Escape as a mortal work as a team. Yes it is mostly split up and get shards but if you see a teammate being chased by the monster try and help them out. Use your item or Ultimate to help them or make it harder for the monster. If you’re PenPen try and get the Chef Monkeys to chase you since you can outrun them.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

If you stun someone with your police flashlight as Detective Evans you have 2 options. Kill the monster if you can or run.
Kill the monster IF you have good amount of HP so if they get out of it in time you can finish them off or if the monster is Agatha since she only has 200 hp. If you’re low enough on hp that you can be killed if they get out of the stun do not test your luck just hurt the monster once or twice with a heavy attack and then run. If the monster is a power class and you are not getting help by your teammates to damage it while stunned just do a hit and run.

If Evans stuns someone help him kill the monster, even a Power monster can be killed if 2 – 3 people do it together. I should know because it happened to me. Malak has to replace his suit now.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

“When should I use my ultimate ?” – Well that depends on what it is. If it is the Clown Gremlin’s use it A.S.A.P. because of how it works. Most of them are to use it when you are within range of a target or multiple targets. However, Murder Monkeys can be used to catch up to others ontop of the damage barrage it does. So if you are just a bit far away use it, catch up, and kill em.

Doug’s is best used when the monster is following you into a shardless area or if there is no shards on your area of the map so you need a quick way to get closer. Nikson’s is best used when a new shard wave spawns in so it can get the most out of that 20% steal. Bierce’s is best used when you are low on Hp with no healing item or if you are too far to heal a teammate.

Glowstick Vince’s is best used when you are in combat. When you use it will determine the outcome. If you use it before the fight the monster will likely run away, if used in the middle of the fight the monster is likely to accidentally hit you once so they take damage and encourage them to run or wait it out. You can also use this on the traps and bosses and you take 0 damage from them as long as it is active. PenPen’s is best used for either, speed boost, stun the monster and run, or even assist someone who is fighting/running from the monster.

Agatha’s Ultimate most of the time is used the instant it is ready however, you can keep it and use it to it’s true potential. Since it targets the one with the least Hp if you want to get someone with it specifically you can just find them, damage them enough, run away to safety, than use it to deal 100 dmg. This is very useful against PenPen. Run in and hit her with 2 heavy attacks and use it immediately to kill her.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

“The monster is guarding the portal exit! What should I do?” – Depends on what monster is guarding it and who you are. In most scenarios it is best to get an item and speed past the monster or make it so you take 0 damage. If you are unlucky with items try and use your ultimate to help you escape. Remember that Doug Houser’s Ult is an instant escape. The others provide speed, or render the monster to not fight. Except Nikson, get an item as him or just run for it depending on who the monster is.
If the monster is Agatha she does low damage so just run for it, if it is a balanced monster take caution so use an item or ultimate, if it is a power monster almost always get an item or use your ultimate. A monster guarding an exit will likely keep a good item on them so be ready for anything.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Tips & Tricks (Pt.3)

“Who should I go for in Maze Escape 1st ?” – While it is your choice keep in mind of how many shards each mortal type loses on death, how they work in combat, and their ultimate abilities.

Personally I would go for them in this order :

PenPen, Nikson, Heather Mason,
Bierce, Dawko, Detective Evans,
SuperHorrorBro, Doug Houser, Cybill Bennett,
Prisoner Borisov, Glowstick Vince, 8-Bit Ryan.

I chose this order due to importance, shards lost, and how they fight against you.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

PenPen costs the team 50 shards, Nikson is good at getting shards with his ultimate,and Heather Mason, Bierce, and Dawko loses the 2nd most of shards and they can heal their teammates or buff their defense.
Evans because of his Ultimate being a long stun and sometimes can be a death sentence, SuperHorrorBro because he can use his U.A. and fight you to shred your Hp, Doug because he can escape at any time with his Ultimate, and Cybill Bennet because currently she has some range on her heavy attack.
Prisoner Borisov because he can freeze you and either run or kill you with his punches and karate chops, Glowstick Vince because of how scary he can be if you are not prepared to fight him and his Ultimate can make things VERY difficult to kill him, in some scenarios with his Ult all you can do is run and pray he doesn’t have an item to catch up to you, 8-Bit Ryan because his ultimate will do good damage on you, stun you, and weaken you for a few seconds which can set you up for death or make you have to retreat.

“How fast is each character again ?” – I did go over every characters speed. I’ll quickly summarize it here, fastest to slowest.
Speed class (same speed), Support Monster, Support Mortal, Balanced Monster, Balanced Mortal, Power Monster, Power Mortal. It is very important you know this. This knowledge will mean the difference between life and death, losing and winning, etc.

“Who should I pick to play as?” – That entirely depends on you and your skills in combat. If you are new to the game I highly recommend Balanced characters so you can learn the games ropes. They are safe picks and good for every map because their stats are all average. Once you play the game a bit and learn how it works (or read this guide) you can then try other characters.

DLC list

Currently at this time 3 of them are currently out. They have 8 or 9 DLC planned and they only announced 6 of them.
Nearly every DLC will have a showcase video and a trailer for them before they release.
When a DLC is released I will remove the character reveal images and replace them with a link to the steam store page for that DLC, their price, and even a brief synopsis of the map if applicable to that DLC.

The list is :


(1 mortal, Prisoner Borisov) (2 monsters, The Brute, The Fiend) This map is based on the Cargo Ship in the 1st game, Hisa Maru Cargo Ship. There is multiple floors, security cameras that will reveal your location, steam pipes that’ll burn you and a plane can drop cargo to summon this maps bosses. In game the level is called “Monstrum Madness” and it fits perfectly.
The DLC costs $5.99 USD. Released on Dec. 21st, 2020

Silent Hill

The DLC will pay respects on not just 1 game but, instead the entire Silent Hill video game franchise. Mostly 1-4 and references to the others.
(2 mortals, Heather Mason, Cybil Bennett) (2 monsters, Robbie the Rabbit, The Nurse)
This map is the biggest in the game currently, bigger than the launch day version of Stranger Sewers.
The map is based off of the town in the 1st game and the trap time and boss time is a reminder of how scary the monsters can be in the franchise. Air Screamers will fly at you if you enter their territory and when the boss appears the town turns over to the Otherworld as they hunt you down with their giant sword. In game the level is called “Silent Sacrifice” which fits with this dark video game series. The map has many easter eggs referencing the Silent Hill series from the trap, boss, and easter eggs hiden throughout the map. Some are hidden and some are obvious.
The DLC released on March 23rd at 6 A.M. PST. Will cost $9.99 USD when not on sale.

The DLC is a limited time offer and it’s unknown when it will be removed from the steam store. So if you want it I would get it ASAP before it is gone forever.

Mortal Creator Pack

(3 Mortals, 8-bit Ryan, Dawko, SuperHorrorBro)
This DLC pack is different than the others in that there is no map or monster. This pack adds in 3 Dark Deception content creators to the game. Dawko and 8-bit Ryan play DD and DD:M&M and are one of the famous players who play these games and many others. SuperHorrorBro however is more than just a youtuber who plays. He does theories on DD, hosts the DLC showcase videos, and was the previous editor who did the editing for the trailers for the DLC above, Chapters 1-3, etc.
Unleash your fists of fury as 8-Bit Ryan, glitch out yourself and allies to avoid getting hurt by light and heavy attacks as Dawko, or make your enemies bleed as SuperHorrorBro !
Released on April 30th at 9 AM PST. This DLC costs $3.99 USD.

8-Bit Ryan’s channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx8vbgWs666cAS7wsKos5sA
Dawko’s channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDfYcuNw-ff952Xn0VDWwDw
SuperHorrorBro’s channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChL4WU9YLlxXXNSwlzM1-7g

Yandere Simulator

(3 mortals, Taro Yamada or Senpai, Info-Chan, and Hanako) (1 monster, Ayano Aishi) the release date is 2021 and the map is the school from the game, Akademi High School. It is to release before Halloween 2021, currently no exact date is given.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Evil Nun

(1 monster, Evil Nun) (1 mortal, Lost Child) it is to come sometime in 2021 and the map is the Orphanage from the game. I do not know a lot about this game so I am very curious to this DLC.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide
Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters

(1 monster, Dark Song) (1 mortal, Mina Park) the map is Dokkaebi Market. Release date is currently unknown.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide
Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

??? Triple A DLC

Currently Vince cannot say who this next guest is because of legal reasons with the IP owners. When he is allowed to he will reveal who this Triple A DLC guest is. For now all we can do is speculate who it will be.

When the time comes I will update the list with the other guest DLCs and do the list in

Monstrum DLC stats & map events

This section will be for the Monstrum character stats with their ultimate ability stats, and then the traps and bosses for the the map. The level in game is called Monstrum Madness. The mortals will need to collect 450 shards to open the exit and abandon ship. There are multiple floors so here are images for each floor. 1st and 2nd floors.

3rd and 4th floors.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide
Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide
Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide


Power Mortal – Prisoner Borisov

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Speedslowest character in the game like Power mortals
Light dmg/Heavy dmg25/50
Attack CooldownBig cooldowns so use your attack type wisely.
Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Cool Down

He will spray an area in front of him with a fire extinguisher and anyone hit by it will be frozen and slowed down for 10 seconds. The target will also turn ice blue. The slowed target is so slow that they can barely move at all. This makes it the slowest speed in the entire game. It has the same range as Detective Evans Ultimate ability.


Power Monster – The Brute

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

SpeedSlow, like Power Monsters
Light dmg/Heavy dmg40/80
Attack Cooldownsame as Power Monsters so use the attacks correctly for the given situation
Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Magma Charge

Makes the Brute so fast he can barely outrun Speed characters. Magma Charge lasts for 10 seconds when activated and has impact damage and burn damage. It cannot outrun PenPen’s Ultimate however so if she uses it and you use yours you aren’t gonna get her unless she messes up or something. The Brute is also immune to slows when using his ultimate. So items and Ultimates that slow down will not work. Stuns do work on him so Evans, Bananas, and Primal Fear can stun him and end the ultimate ability prematurely.

Impact damage deals 75 damage and the burning does 25 dmg over time for 3 seconds, a total of 75 for the full burning effect. 75 x 2 = 150. So be careful if he uses it and he can do the impact damage repeatedly as well as the burning effect but only can be reapplied if the burning ends before he rams into you again.

Speed Monster – The Fiend

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

SpeedFastest character in the game tied with Speed types
Light dmg/Heavy dmg18/36
Attack CooldownLittle to none just like Speed types

SPECIAL – Using your heavy attack pulls opponents closer to you. This is intentional. Thanks to TyperVader for getting into contact with Nikson for this info.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Mind Pull

When used The Fiend will teleport the weakest player to him (after a moment of using it) and will deal 10% dmg to them depending on their maximum Hp. The range is unlimited like Agatha’s and teleport whoever has the lowest Hp. Be careful though as you might bring a power type, someone with a good item, or ultimate ability ready to your location so be ready just in case.

Here is a table for how much DMG the ultimate will do to each class type

ClassMortal dmg/ Monster dmg

Trap time and Boss time events

Trap time – Steam and Security Cameras.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Unlike the other maps in the game. This map has 2 traps you’ll have to worry about instead of one.

When trap time is active the security cameras will turn on. They will turn left and right and a red circle is where they are looking at. If anyone steps in that circle it will make sound an alarm and if caught in its view they will be revealed through walls for 4 seconds like the Telepathy item. Works on monsters and mortals. Monsters will glow red while Mortals will glow purple. Using the Vanish item does not make you get caught by them. If you are on the 3rd floor of the map you don’t have to worry about them. The other 3 however, do have security cameras.

On top of worrying about cameras revealing where you are hot steam will burst out of pipes and walls of the ship. If it hits you it’ll deal 100 damage think of them like sideways spikes. Except unlike spikes that when active they can block you these do not block you at all. You only have to worry about the Steam if you are on the 1st floor of the map.

When Trap time activates “Steamed” plays.

Boss time – Boss Brutes

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

These bosses will spawn all together on the Helicopter landing pad. 4 of these guys will pick a target closest to them and pursue them. They can split up so be careful when going near them. They are slow, so slow that they’re now the 3rd slowest characters in the game. Vince and Prisoner Borisov can outrun them easily.

When they get in range they will punch for 35 damage. When they are within range BUT not close enough to punch you they will occasionally spit fireballs out at their target. Because the map has multiple floors they can be shot at an angle. They mostly go straight unless their target is in a position to where they will fire it at an angle. So it can be shot down from above.
If that fireball hits you you get notified on the bottom of your screen. It has no impact damage but starts to burn you. Each burn does 25 damage and it’ll last long enough to a total of 100 damage.

When Boss time activates “The Brute” plays.

Silent Hill DLC stats & map events

This section is for the Silent Hill character stats, ultimate ability stats, and then the trap & boss time. The level in game is called Silent Sacrifice. This is the biggest map in the game and requires the most shards to escape. On launch it was 1K shards, it is now currently 850 shards in order to leave town.

Silent Hill DLC stats & map events

This section is for the Silent Hill character stats, ultimate ability stats, and then the trap & boss time. The level in game is called Silent Sacrifice. This is the biggest map in the game and requires the most shards to escape. On launch it was 1K shards, it is now currently 850 shards in order to leave town.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide


Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Heather Mason – Support Mortal

SpeedMore than average
Light dmg/Heavy dmg10/20
Attack Cooldownless than average

SPECIAL – Heavy attack a teammate to heal them for 5 hp.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Seal of Metatron

When used Heather will buff her team (or herself on Soul Collection) so they have a stronger defense and will have 15% increase in movement speed.
The increase in defense will cause you or your team to do take 80% less damage dmg from all sources. Foes, bosses, traps, Phantom Malak, and ultimate abilities.

For example, something that would do 50 damage will instead do 10 damage.

These effects on everyone lasts for 10 seconds and is neat since the other support Mortal’s ultimate is to heal the team a bit over time. I see this being used when the exit is opened, a teammate is in trouble with the monster or trap/boss or even if Heather is going solo on her own via Soul Collection. Imagine a monster in a game of Maze Escape trying to kill a power type only for Bierce and Heather to use both of their ultimates.

Cybil Bennett – Balanced Mortal

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide







Light dmg/Heavy dmg


Attack Cooldown

Average cooldown

SPECIAL – Her heavy attack is ranged, currently is has the most range for all the playable characters. Even more than Clown Gremlin and Dread Ducky.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide


When used Cybil will fire a special bullet that will deal 10% dmg to the target (Refer to the table below) and completely empties out that targets ultimate ability meter and they cannot regen it for 15 seconds.
This is good against a foe that has an ultimate ability that can insta kill you or be seen as annoying. I see this being useful against monsters like Agatha and the Fiend or to simply play it safe against a specific foe depending on the game mode.

Here is a table for her damage to her targets when using her ultimate :

ClassMortal dmg/ Monster dmg


Robbie the Rabbit – Balanced Monster

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Light dmg/Heavy dmg30/60
Attack CooldownAverage
Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Rabbit Rampage

Robbie will summon 3 clones of himself that will follow him and will attack the target the player marks by attacking them. If Robbie hits a different target the clones will switch who they decide to beat up with their pipes. This ability lasts for 1 minute and the clones can be killed. 4 light attacks or 2 heavy attacks to kill his clones. They deal 15 damage if they hit ya.

They will NOT attack until you hit the target for them. Otherwise they’ll just follow you.
This can be used to go and collect shards while your clones go after a target you recently hit for example. Very useful for multi tasking or taking down power types. The ultimate ability will also not charge until the minute is up, like the clowns.

Nurse – Support Monster

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide
SpeedMore than average (outruns all mortals, except speed and barely support
Light dmg/Heavy dmg22/44
Attack CooldownLess than average

SPECIAL – Using a heavy attack on a monster will heal them for 5 hp. Currently the only way you can use this is if the double monster bug on maze escape happens.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Fear Cuts Deep

When used Nurse will inflict fear on all enemies on the gamemode type. This ability lasts for 10 seconds and will cause the enemies to deal 70% less damage AND a 50% slower attack speed. They attack slower and softer. This affects Ultimate abilities as well so if you use yours as someone is using theirs to attack you it will do less damge until your ultimate ends at which point they will begin to do normal damage again.

Nurse will also gain a 10% (20% is bugged) attack dmg boost for those 10 seconds as well. This makes it so her light attack is now 24 and heavy attack 48 (26 & 52 when fixed). It seems it is best used when going up against a healthy or powerful foe to turn the tables in your favor. This seems very good against Power foes so they cannot hurt you too badly or too quickly but, you can.

Trap Time and Boss time events

Trap time – Air Screamer

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

6 will spawn around the map and will deal 15 dmg on hit and fly to you. They will die to either 3 heavy attacks or 6 light attacks. They also wander around and will only attack you when you enter a certain radius then they will get up and fly after you. If you leave their area they’ll stop chasing you.

When trap time begins “Don’t Cry” will play :

Boss time – Red Pyramid Thing

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

2 will spawn in and when they get close will do 50 dmg when they hit you with the sword. They move very slow. Making them even slower than the Boss Brutes but, they have 2 tricks up their sleeves (lack of).

When close they will stop and thrust their blade into the ground and make a summoning circle. If you’re in it you will get trapped in a cage and will take 10 dmg. You are stuck in that cage for 5 seconds which guarantee’s R.P.T. will hit ya at least once. They’ll only try this when they are close to you or after they teleport.

The other is they can do a quick teleport dash to quickly close the gap if you are far from them but, not close for them to swing. When their target is too far away from them they will teleport closer to their current target.

You can fight back against RPT but, does nothing so just run.

Each RPT will target 1 person until they are dead afterwards they will go after a new one that isn’t being targeted by the other one. If none are available they just stand still where they killed their last target and wait until either someone respawns OR boss time ends.
When boss time begins “Until Death” will play :

UK Mortal Creators Pack DLC stats

This section is for the stats and ultimate abilities for the 3 UK Creators that are in this pack. This is the first DLC to be released that DOESN’T come with a map. Just 3 mortals. These 3 are all youtubers. 8-bit Ryan and Dawko are big names as they play the base DD and DD:M&M every now and then. SuperHorrorBro was the previous editor for Glowstick entertainment as he edit trailers for Dark Deceptions Ch.2&3, this games 1st DLC trailers and showcase videos, and voice reveals for Ch.4 monsters.

8-Bit Ryan’s channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx8vbgWs666cAS7wsKos5sA
Dawko’s channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDfYcuNw-ff952Xn0VDWwDw
SuperHorrorBro’s channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChL4WU9YLlxXXNSwlzM1-7g

8-Bit Ryan – Power Mortal

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Light dmg/Heavy dmg25/50
Attack CooldownSlow
Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

8-Bit Beatdown
When used 8-Bit Ryan will do a barrage of punches to the target that do a set % dmg (50 ish%) based on their class and type and if the target survives they will be stunned for 2 seconds and get the weakness effect on them (broken bones) that causes them to do 30% less damage for 3 seconds. (attack cooldown is not reduced, just dmg)

Make sure you are next to the target so it lands. If you can punch ’em you can use your Ultimate on ’em.

8-Bit Ryan Ultimate Ability damage stats

TypeMortal dmg/ Monster dmg

speed mortal (50%)
balanced mortal (53.33%)
Suppport mortal (51%)
Power mortal (53.33%)

Speed Monster (51%)
Balanced Monster (53.33%)
Support monster (50%)
Power monster (53.33%)

For some strange reason this ultimate is the strangest, it isn’t set DMG like Agatha’s but not exactly the same % like Fiend or Cybill. Very unique and even strange to me.

Dawko – Support Mortal

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

SpeedMore than average
Light dmg/Heavy dmg10/20
Attack CooldownLess than average

SPECIAL – Heavy hit a teammate in Maze Escape to heal them for 5 hp. Same as Bierce and Heather Mason’s heavy attacks.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Darkest Desire
When used Dawko will glitch out himself and teammates if on Maze Escape so that they are immune to enemy light and heavy attacks. However, this does not make you immune to items, bosses, traps, and ultimate’s. This will last for 15 seconds.

SuperHorrorBro – Balanced Mortal

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

Light dmg/Heavy dmg15/30
Attack CooldownAverage

SPECIAL – His heavy attack has more range than his light attack but, in exchange when you press the button to do it will take a second to deal actual dmg. It is delayed like Murder Monkey’s heavy attack.

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide

A Thousand Cuts
When activated about 1 second after SuperHorrorBro (SHB from here on) will send an energy wave forward and all enemies in that gamemode that are hit will take damage and then bleed over time. The range is similar to Borisov’s and Evan’s and a straight line so be sure to aim it right.

The initial hit will deal 20% dmg based on the targets max Hp and each bleed does 5 dmg and will happen 7 times for a total of 35 dmg over time.
Here is a table for each initial damage.
For example when used on a balanced mortal it will do 36 dmg on the initial hit and start the bleeding status effect which adds to a total of 71 dmg.
This table will show the stats of the ultimate against all character types, Mortal damage on left, Monster damage on right.


1st hit and total dmg


36/48 and 71/83


28/40 and 63/75


48/72 and 83/107


40/56 and 75/91

Special Thanks

Special thanks to these people for helping me get info for the guide or using their images :

  • KellyNewbie for the exact numbers of shards lost when a Mortal dies in Maze Escape
    This user is fine with just a name shoutout.
  • 39 for reminding me Bierce can heal with her heavy attack.
    This user doesn’t want a link to their steam profile.
  • TyperVader for the info of how Bierces healing works for her heavy attack.
    Bierces speed, Agatha and PenPen’s speed being the same, Vince is the slowest character NOT the power monsters.
    How long the Malak item works.
    Helping me test the numbers for Monstrum ultimate’s, Vince’s, and PenPen’s.
    Helping me test the range of Detective Evans and Prisoner Borisov’s ultimate abilities. That range.
    Nikson’s ultimate rounding up or down info.
    Telling me how much dmg the Nurse from Silent Hill does for her default light/heavy attacks.
    Telling me the balance changes on March 23rd regarding Evans, The Fiend, etc.

    Getting into contact with Nikson (Programmer and light artist) for getting information. Specifically, frenzy mode item damage boost %, Fiend’s special ability using his heavy attack, confirmation that Bierce is supposed to heal with her heavy attack, Brute is immune to slows when using his ultimate.

    Ultimate ability dmg for Robbie clones, 10% max hp dmg info for the Fiend’s ultimate, 1.4.1 unlisted balance changes.

    Telling me how the Monstrum traps work.

    Telling me how many Air Screamers spawn (6), Doug Houser ultimate IS meant to be used as an escape when the exit portal is opened, Vince’s Ultimate makes him immune to trap damage (bug fixed).

    Some info about the UK Creators ultimate abilities.

    Gave me permission to link them to their steam profile.
  • Mr.Mister for the health kit item information.
    His channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8HYZdmq9bXjzM9BD5ur29w
  • RamChoops from the DD fandom wiki for the renders for the mortals, monsters, bosses, both portal item boxes, soul shard, and traps for each level except Elementary Evil and Monstrum Madness’s Steam trap image.
    Render’s for all the Monstrum characters, boss, and Camera trap.
    Render’s for all the Silent Hill characters, boss, and trap.
    Render’s for all the UK Mortal Creators Pack characters.
  • God of Seals from the DD fandom wiki for the renders of the blank portal, Agatha fake portal trap, all item images EXCEPT for the Ultimate drain and Soul Corruption, all ultimate ability images for Bierce, Glowstick Vince, Nikson, PenPen, Malak, Clown Gremlin, Prisoner Borisov, The Brute, and The Fiend.
  • Kyrope from the DD fandom wiki for the Ultimate Drain item image, Soul Corruption item image, the ultimate ability images for Detective Evans, Doug Houser, Murder Monkey, Agatha, Gold Watcher, and Dread Ducky.
    Ultimate ability icons for the Silent Hill DLC characters. Ultimate ability icons for the UK Mortal Creator pack DLC characters. Maze images for Elementary Evil, Stranger Sewers, Monstrum Madness, and Silent Sacrifice.
  • OP_Amqerica_HPE for the info about the newest patch regarding the clown gremlin clones now use their summoner’s skin and the removal of Phantom Malak’s (item) collision.
  • Angelo for the banana item information regarding it’s heavy attacks and info that Monsters can now see Mortals through walls in Soul Collection. I wouldn’t have noticed this unless he said something.
    Info on Clown Gremlin’s and Robbie’s ultimate abilities that it won’t keep charging when you use it, it will start charging again when the timer for their clones are up.
    Murder Monkey Ultimate Ability is also immune to any slowdown effect ultimate abilities & items Nurse’s U.A. is bugged currently, her damage is increased by 10% NOT 20%
    Being the 1st to let me know that the medkit item heals for 30% of the players max Hp on the Dark Deception Wiki.
    Here is his channel link. He has S rank guides, DD:M&M gameplay, DD Memes, etc. : https://www.youtube.com/c/Angelo9210/featured
  • SeaSimon from the DD wiki for the Monstrum Steam trap render.
  • Wambu Fan608 For the Titan Watcher axe dmg and how it works.
  • Theet for noticing some spelling mistakes and errors in some info regarding the speed of balanced monsters and the Chef Monkeys. Fix that mistake and added some more info about Chef Monkeys.
    https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199026120588/ their steam profile.
  • Wispyhie for the info of how the Nurse can heal monsters if they are on her team (currently not naturally occuring)
    SHB’s ultimate ability bleed total damage.
    Here is their channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuAyo2pvMPfkRwVp7LGGUxg
  • Fluffy Boy for helping me do some testing regarding SHB’s ultimate ability stats.
  • Slender Tubbie for SHB’s ultimate ability testing and most of the 8-Bit Ryan ultimate ability testing.
  • TheProjectionnist31 and Roryxgames for helping me get info for 8-bit Ryan’s ultimate ability stats in testing.
  • Very Foul Darkness from the DD wiki for the Maze images of Monkey Business and Deadly Decadence.
  • RedNesplayed! for telling me how many shards are needed to open the portal in some Maze Escape maps.
  • RyGuy LV, Gift Card, and lion_keeper for telling me the info about the medkit item. Until they do something else to help me with this guide all 3 will be on this bullet point.
    RyGuy LV’s YT channel, about section has a link to his steam profile : https://www.youtube.com/c/RyGuyLV/featured
    Gift Card : https://steamcommunity.com/id/GiftCardGC
    lion_keeper : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198214135749

  • Glowstick Entertainment for their posts for the DLC character images “A new ___ has appeared!” and for making this wonderful game and I look forward to its future maps, characters, gamemodes, guest DLCs, etc.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals Beginners Guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank The Ghost™. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.