Dark and Darker XP System, Explained


    XP systems are a familiar mechanic in most games, Dark and Darker included. Understanding such a system is also vital to survive and extract. Here is everything you need to know about Dark and Darker’s XP system.

    Dark and Darker XP Extraction Guide

    Dark and Darker’s XP system works similarly to most games, where players must do specific actions, such as killing monsters to level up. However, players only earn the full amount of XP after successfully extracting in Dark and Darker. If players do not make it out alive and extract, they gain only a fraction of their earned XP.

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    How to level up in Dark and Darker

    There are many ways to level up in Dark and Darker such as killing monsters or opening chests. The following listed below are the best methods:

    • Killing monsters.
    • Killing Bosses.
    • Looting chests, corpses, and bookcases.
    • Using portals.
    • Using Shrines.

    Players can earn more XP using a red portal to access more challenging dungeons. You can also find bosses inside red portals that grant large amounts of XP when defeated. 

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