Dark and Darker Won’t Update or Launch – Fixes



    When it comes to hardcore dungeon-crawling, my friends and I love a good romp with Dark and Darker. Pairing up and battling both monsters and other players is always a joy, but one thing that isn’t is bugs and issues. One issue that has become more prevalent is Dark and Darker not updating or launching.

    How to fix Dark and Darker not Updating or Launching

    Nothing irritates me more than Dark and Darker not launching or updating when Ironmace Studios pushes out a content update. When these issues occur, I cannot play the game and must troubleshoot. Fortunately, some solutions may fix Dark and Darker refusing to update or launch, which I’ve listed below.

    • How to fix Dark and Darker not launching
      • Update your Drivers.
      • Clear Dark and Darker cache.
      • Adjust NVIDIA settings.
    • How to fix Dark and Darker not updating
      • Uninstall Dark and Darker
      • Uninstall the Dark and Darker Launcher
      • Check the Dark and Darker servers

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    It is important to keep in mind that Dark and Darker is in early access, and the developer has been using their own launcher since the lawsuit with their publisher. As a result, some issues are expected to happen, especially around updates or patches. Dark and Darker should see continued refinement in its gameplay and its software as time progresses.

    If you continue to have issues, I recommend checking the Dark and Darker Discord. The Discord is a great source for helpful tips on the game, as well as finding helping solutions to various issues. Joining the Dark and Darker Discord will ingrain you in the community and have information at the tips of your fingertips.

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