The Podcast Series, Sacred Symbols, has been hit laborious by Crystal Dynamics after posting Tomb Raider script leaks onto their Patreon. Crystal Dynamics has not solely gone after the podcast with DMCA notices, however Patreon as effectively, mainly confirming that all the info leaked is true.

The Tomb Raider Script Leaks Seem Verified

This previous weekend, Sacred Symbols acquired their arms on what they consider are parts of the most recent Tomb Raider game script. In explicit, they suppose it’s the Lara Croft audition half, which includes her main Tomb Raiders within the game. Though as of proper now, these leaks have neither been confirmed nor denied by the builders at Crystal Dynamics.

Crystal Dynamics has formally issued DMCA notices towards each Patreon itself and the homeowners of the Sacred Symbols podcast. Of course, the leaks have been taken down virtually instantly, however loads of folks acquired to put eyes and ears on the content material previous to it being deleted. Sacred Symbols released a video giving their facet of the story, the place they state, 

“I don’t want to be a free-speech martyr with Square Enix and try to fight this out or something. Its like okay fine. Especially because we don’t have to make the edits anywhere else.”

The podcast homeowners go on to state that they perceive the developer’s reactions solely, and that if Crystal Dynamics believes that this DMCA is legitimate, they don’t have any points complying by any means. They do notice that the devs are solely doing what they consider is greatest to guard their content material.

They additionally ask why the builders at Crystal Dynamics didn’t DMCA another folks or websites aside from themselves and Patreon. Though, they then go on to state that the copyright homeowners have the flexibility to select and select who they go after. To them, this appeared transformative, as they consider they have been focused as a result of them having a destructive response to the script, although none of this has been verified by any means, it’s merely their opinion on the matter. 

While this isn’t the primary time a developer has given DCMA notices to leakers of content material, reminiscent of Konami did when Silent Hill content material had been leaked, the devs at Crystal Dynamics struck extraordinarily shortly on the Podcast homeowners, the place they’d issued this discover the identical day the video was launched on Patreon. The leaked content material may even stay on different platforms that Sacred Symbols has launched it on till the builders resolve to ship DMCA notices for these websites as effectively, which once more is odd to the podcast homeowners that they didn’t achieve this within the first place. 

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