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    Crisis Core is one of the most comprehensive multimedia pieces in Final Fantasy VII Compilation. It’s the prequel to Final Fantasy VII, and its ending cinematic is even meant to tie directly into VII’s opening cinematic. But there’s a lot to unpack in the Crisis Core finale. So let’s talk about it.

    How does Crisis Core end?

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    After Zack and Cloud managed to escape all of their pursuers, they finally make it to the outskirts of midgar. However, someone in Shinra hinted at the fact that they were heading to Midgar in the first place because an army of soldiers was waiting for them. The Turks tried to reach them first, but were too late.

    Cloud was still catatonic at this point and Zack was exhausted. The SOLDIER uses the last of his strength and Cloud wakes up too late. Zack imparts the exact words that Angeal tells him at the start of the game. He calls Cloud his “living legacy”, fulfilling his dream of become a hero. Because while Zack couldn’t save Angeal, Genesis, or Sephiroth, he at least managed to save Cloud first.

    Did Zack die in the Crisis Core finale?

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    Zack sees an “illusion” of Angeal (but could be interpreted as his spirit in the lifestream) in his final moments. He tells the illusion that he wants his wings too and takes his hand. He dies in peace.

    Cloud cries for him, but eventually leaves Zack to keep up his legacy and live. He walks towards Midgar and passes out in Sector 7, where Tifa later finds him. However, with Cloud’s brain fresh out of mako poisoning at this point and his heart in despair, he repressed these memories, leading to the creation of the Cloud Strife character “SOLDIER 1ST CLASS” that we have at the beginning. from Final Fantasy VII.

    Crisis Core after the credits, explained

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    After the credits, a short Lifestream movie. Green wisps appear, similar to the ones that appeared before Angeal died and returned to the lifestream on Banora.

    It is implied that Aerith sensed Zack returning to the lifestream, or at the very least, a change in the lifestream that was felt as a bad omen. She quickly walks out of the alley he was in and looks up at the sky. This is, then, how the opening cinematic of Final Fantasy VII (and VII Remake) begins.

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    What happened to Genesis after Crisis Core?

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    Zack left Genesis, respecting his unspoken wish to wait out his last moment at the place where Angeal died. However, he was captured by two SOLDIERS before he died. The one who picks it up is Weiss, the leader of the Tsviets. is a member of Deep, the main antagonist of Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus. Weiss and Deepground also appear as antagonists in Final Fantasy VII: Remake Intergrade.

    What is Deep Ground?

    We don’t want to spoil the fun too much, so we’ll keep this section light spoilers. Deepground is a facility that exists below Midgar. The scientists here want to create more “perfect” versions of SOLDIER, one that is more powerful and loyal. Weiss is its first member.

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