Crab Game Simple Movement Tricks


This one is very simple, just run and crouch at the same time and you will perform a slide.

Sprinting, Jumping and then crouching + Jumping Diagonally

This doesn’t really make you fast but from what I have seen it can make you fly further in the air and land on surfaces you wouldn’t be able to land on if just jumping regularly.

You basically sprint, jump and right when you are in the air you crouch.

(This might not be true, correct me if I am wrong though)

It should be the same if you jump diagonally instead of crouching mid air.
A lot of people know the trick to jump diagonally, it’s good for gaining speed


There is also counter strafing in the game.

(Check in the internet if you don’t know what is it, it’s a trick you might recognize from CS)

It’s simple but hard to get used to, at least for me.

This works like this:

1. You move pretty much anywhere (W/S/A/D)
2. Anywhere you move, at the second you stop you quickly press the
opposing button. For an example:

You move forward (W key) and then as soon as you stop you
quickly press the key to go backwards (S key). This will make
you stop instantly.

It’s a trick I recognized instantly when I started playing so you might already
know this one.

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