Counter-Strike: Global Offensive How to longjump

In this guide i will help you to learn how to longjumping and maybe even how to improve your longjumps

First, you need to open your console and write next things:

alias +dd “+duck;+jump”;

alias -dd “-duck;-jump”;

bind “space” “+dd”;

alias +asd “-forward; +duck; +jump”;

alias -asd “-duck; -jump”;

bind space +asd;

Due to this aliases you start with more speed after your jump.

Second, after you jump you need to press A&D keys synchronyzed to your mouse moves(Just move your mouse to the left when you pressing A, and move your mouse to the right when you pressing D)

And then when you got better at synchronyzing your moves together, you can increase the number of your strafes. (REMEMBER! Strafe Sync is more important than amount of strafes).

It’s my first guide, please award this if it helped you in improving your skills

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