Couch co-op, split screen, Clubs & more explained


    The rebrand from FIFA 23 to FC 24 will make many wonder what multiplayer modes are included and if couch co-op, split-screen, and Clubs will remain in the game. The multiplayer landscape is constantly evolving, as is FC 24. 

    FC 24 is the continuation of the FIFA series, but after EA’s separation from the governing body of football, they have renamed the game – moving on without the FIFA licence. This will be the first time the game has had a different name since its inception in 1993. Over the years, the game has grown, evolving along the way with new game modes and things for players to do. 

    So here is all you need to know about what multiplayer modes are in FC 23 and if the game has couch co-op this time around. 

    What multiplayer modes are in FC 24? 

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    Most of the game modes in FC 24 are to be played using online multiplayer. These modes are: 

    • Clubs 
    • Seasons 
    • Ultimate Team 
    • Volta 

    The above modes are just what we know are returning, nothing has been announced, but there could in theory be a new mode by the time of release. All of these modes are played online with other players, or against them. 

    Will FC 24 have couch co-op? 

    Jude Bellingham in FC 24

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    Of course, FC 24 will have couch co-op, it’s a mainstay of all sports games and one of the features fans love the most. Not only is there couch co-op it’s for multiple different game modes. Here are the modes that you can play, sat side-by-side with a pal: 

    • Career Mode
    • Co-op seasons 
    • Kick-off
    • Tournaments 
    • Volta

    Once again, this is what we know will return from previous games, although no other game modes have been mentioned as returning. Kick-off is the standard mode where you play against or with a friend, whereas something like Career Mode can be a great venture with someone else, where you can shape the whole future of a club and its identity. 

    Will FC 24 have split-screen?

    Sevilla v Atletico Madrid in FC 24

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    FC 24 will not have split-screen, but that’s because it doesn’t make sense with this kind of game. You share the pitch with your opponent, and it is the complete pitch, so there is no need to separate sections of the screen in order to play. 

    That’s all there is to know about the multiplayer modes included in FC 24, as well as if the game has couch co-op. If you’re looking forward to the game, why not check out our hands-on preview? Or, if you’re wondering what new Heroes will be introduced, you can check out our full guide here. 

    For everything else, check out our FC 24 homepage.


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