Cookie Run Kingdom: Shining Glitter Cookie Toppings and Biscuits Guide

    • The Shining Glitter Cookie can work with a lot of things, so aim for ATK, Crit, as well as some Cooldown.
    • She is a K-pop idol in the Kuki Run universe.
    • Shining Glitter fits very well into the Cookie Electric-type team, along with Rockstar, Twizzly Gummy and co.

    With an adorable K-pop look and matching outfit, today we’ll explore the adorable super epic cookie, Shining Glitter Cookie.

    Although she hasn’t been the most popular in Cookie Run: Kingdom World, the Shining Glitter Cookie is a very strong, very useful Magic Cookie capable of dealing damage, removing debuffs, and even removing buff allies. Is. Let’s check out what are the best toppings and biscuits for it!

    About Shining Glitter Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

    Sparkling glitter cookie a magic Cookie, who lives in The middle line. that one Super epic Cookie, which was released with fellow singer rock star Cookie. Since he is a Super Epic, you can only get him from Gacha and his Soul Stones Arena Shop.

    She deals Electric-type damage, so you can expect to use her with Twizzly Gummy Cookie, Black Lemonade Cookie, Stormbringer Cookie, and even Rockstar Cookie.


    All eyes on the stage!
    The Shining Glitter Cookie starts singing a glittering song, removing all debuffs from herself, applying the Shining Rock Spirit buff to her allies, and dealing damage to enemies. Whenever the song lands a critical hit, it will partially ignore the target’s DMG resist and zap them. If the Shining Glitter Cookie manages to deal a certain number of critical hits with the Glittering Song, she will provide a CRIT DMG Resist buff for the entire team. While Shining Glitter Cookie is using her skill, she will briefly become immune to the effect.
    • Shining Song Single Hit DMG: 40.9% of ATK
    • Glowing Rock Spirit (Ally): CRIT DMG Resist +17.5% for 10 sec
    • Glowing Rock Spirit (Self): CRIT DMG Resist +35.0% for 10 sec
    • DMG Resist Bypass (Song CRIT): 35.0%
    • Zip (Glittering Song CRIT): 45.5% DMG every 1 sec for 13 sec; Stacks up to x3 and removes HP shields.
    • CRIT DMG Resist: +15.0% for 8 seconds when dealing x12 critical hits with Glittering Song

    Perfect toppings for glitter cookies

    The Shining Glitter cookie scales well with both ATK and Crit, so it really depends on what you’re trying to achieve. I personally like a mix of the two, so I went for Resonant Crit toppings for my toppings, and Beascuit has a mix of Crit and Cooldown (that’s what I rolled and stuck with).

    • 5x Juicy Apple Jelly With cooldown (mandatory), crit, atk, amplify buff, dmg resist
    • 5x Tropical Rock Apple Jelly With cooldown (mandatory), crit, atk, amplify buff, dmg resist
    • 5x Raspberry Searing Cooldown, Curt, ATK, Amplify buff, with DMG Resist
    • 5x Tropical Rock Raspberry Cooldown, Curt, ATK, Amplify buff, with DMG Resist

    When it comes to toppings, you can try going for Tropical Rock Raspberry (or Searing Raspberry) or Tropical Rock Apple Jelly (or Juicy Apple Jelly), 5 of each. You can have both as alternate toppings.

    Sparkling glitter cookie perfect biscuit setup

    The Shining Glitter Cookie is pretty forgiving when it comes to stats, so once I rolled pretty good. The legendary Zesty Beascuit, I stuck with it. You can also go for one. Legendary Thunders Zesty Biscuits If you like. Here are the stats to look for:

    • cool down
    • DMG resistance
    • ATK
    • Criticism

    Make sure you’re up to date on the latest Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes!


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