Cookie Run Kingdom: Pinecone Cookie Toppings and Biscuits Guide

    • Pinecone Cookie is a frontline bomber, so it needs a lot of defensive stats.
    • You need his magic candy to survive long enough, or he can’t survive endgame content.
    • Aim for lots of DMG Reduction, Cooldown, HP, and ATK from Toppings and Beascuit.

    In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about the Pinecone Cookie, including its best toppings and Beascuits setup, so if you want to know how to best prepare it for your team So keep reading!

    Pinecone Cookie has been around the Cookie Run: Kingdom universe for a while now, but he hasn’t always been the best addition to every team. Of course, it has its uses in certain situations, and if you want to know how to get the best out of its kit, this is where you’ll find all the information you need.

    About the Pinecone Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

    Pinecone Cookie a Bomber Cookie, but because of his cut, he is one The front line Cookie, getting some extra defensive stats. Although he is. The epic By standards, he’s quite a tank, especially when he’s equipped and leveled up his magic candy. To get it, you can do it either from Gacha, Arena Shop, Rainbow Shell Gallery or by scavenging. Stage 13-7 Dark Mode.


    The Pinecone Bomb
    Pinecone Cookie rises on the tree golem and simultaneously heals itself and two allies with the highest ATK. When the Pinecone Cookie is riding the Tree Golem, their max HP is increased. Then the Pinecone Cookie throws a Pinecone Bomb with the highest ATK at the enemy Cookie, stunning them. Pinecone bombs deal damage to nearby enemies in the area. If there are frost-affected targets within range of the area damage, they will also be stunned. If a target is immune to stun, it will receive additional DMG.
    • Bomb Blast DMG: 73.5% + Stun 1.5 sec
    • Bomb Area DMG: 122.5%
    • Bomb Area DMG Ignoring DMG Resistance: 25.0%
    • Bomb blast stun for targets with frost: 0.3 sec
    • Additional DMG Targets Immunity to Stun: 225.0%
    • Tree Golem: Heals self and two allies with highest ATK for 50.0% of ATK once, increases Max HP by 200.0% while riding.

    Pinecone Cookie Magic Candy

    Crafting Requirements in Magic Laboratory:

    • 3x Purity Crystals
    • 16x Roll Cakewood

    With Magic Candy, Pinecone Cookie will gain additional DMG Resist and DEF on Tree Golem, increased DEF, as well as HP Shield. While on Tree Golem he will also gain some ATK SPD Debuff Resist, so all these stats will only make his next lining up quite strong.

    Perfect toppings for pinecone cookies

    Since the Pinecone Cookie is a front-line cookie, you should prepare some toppings setup for it. At best you have 5x Searing Raspberries and 5x Solid Almonds, and alternate between them as needed.

    • 5x Solid almonds With DEF, ATK, DMG Reduction, or Cooldown
    • 5x Raspberry Searing With cooldown, ATK, DMG reduction, DEF

    For toppings, I suggest you always look for some extra defensive stats, because you never know how strong an enemy attack can make you. You want some damage, but this cookie isn’t entirely focused on dealing damage, so just try to find a good balance between stats.

    Pinecone Cookie The Best Biscuit Setup

    I recommend going for a Beascuit with a high defensive stat, as you want your Pinecone Cookie to tank and last as long as possible. You can consider Cooldown, ATK, DMG Reduction, and even HP or DEF.

    Try to get any of these stats in the Legendary Spicy Biscuits:

    • ATK
    • cool down
    • Decreased DMG
    • HP
    • Def

    Well, these are the perfect toppings for a Pinecone Cookie! We also have the perfect toppings for the Frost Queen Cookie and many more.


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