Cookie Run Kingdom: Frost Queen Cookie Toppings and Biscuits Guide

    • Frost Queen Cookie is a fantastic damage dealer, so focus on increasing her ATK.
    • It can be used in both Arena and PvE, just make sure you have an extra set of toppings and biscuits.
    • If you use it, consider using an Icicle Yeti Cookie as well, to get the full effect of its Crystal Jam effect.

    Today I’ll cover building the best Toppings for the Frost Queen Cookie, and give you an idea of ​​some of the best Beascuits you can equip her with, so you can dominate the arena or level the story much easier. can make

    Frost Queen Cookie is an absolute monster in terms of damage, and if you can get enough copies of her, play her as an S-Tier Cookie in both PvP and PvE. can go.

    About Frost Queen Cookie in Cookie Run: The Kingdom

    The Frost Queen cookie is one. Legendary Cookie Joe is a favorite of many people, and for good reason. that one magic Cookie, and when added to the team, he The leader The buff will increase the ice damage dealt by other ice element cookies.

    If you’re lucky you can get a Frost Queen Cookie from Gacha, and occasionally you can find her Soul Stones in the Arena Shop, Rainbow Shell Gallery or Guild Shop. You can also get Legendary Cookie Soul Stones from various other instances, such as the Premium Battle Pass, from the Arena Tire Shop, and from high-level instances (Tower).

    If you’re dedicated to playing him, I highly recommend doing your best to get as many copies of him as possible, as he’s very strong regardless of the meta.


    Frozen squall
    Casts a blizzard, deals damage, freezes all enemies, and applies a frost debuff. Once frozen, targets will pause cooldown and take additional damage when thawed. Targets resistant to freezing receive only a fraction of the DMG. If the freeze debuff is removed, targets will not take additional damage. The Frost Queen cookie itself is safe from freezing. While Frost Queen Koki is using her skill, she will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.
    Frozen squall
    • Single Hit DMG: 67.8%
    • Freeze: 2.0 seconds
    • DMG after freeze: 271.2% of ATK; Freeze resistant targets only take 70.0% DMG.
    • Frost: Enemies affected by Freezing Squall are affected by -10.0% ATK SPD, Freezing DMG +140.0% (limited to 350% for 20 seconds)

    Crystal Jam

    The Frost Queen cookie also has Crystal Gem, which works like the magical candy of Epic Cookies. With her Crystal Jam, she gains a lot of ATK, and at higher levels (+30), she increases the DMG reduction of other Ice-type cookies, and even ignores the enemy’s DMG reduction portion. Is.

    In addition, it has additional effects upon reaching Ascension.

    The perfect toppings for Frost Queen Cookies

    Frost Queen Cookie can work with either damage or cooldown, but personally I much prefer damage toppings, and since her toppings are Resonant, you can only try to get 5 resonant damage toppings. are and can add some extra cooldown from Beascuit.

    • [RESONANT] 5x Frosted Crystal Raspberry. Cooldown (mandatory), with DMG reduction, ATK
    • 5x Raspberry Searing Cooldown (mandatory), with DMG reduction, ATK
    • [RESONANT] 5x Frosted Crystal Chocolate ATK (must), DMG reduction, with cooldown
    • 5x Swift Chocolate ATK (must), DMG reduction, with cooldown

    I recommend going all out on her because as long as you have a strong frontline and a bit of damage reduction, she will last a long time.

    Frost Queen Cookie Best Biscuits Setup

    For my Frost Queen Cookie, I hit the jackpot in terms of Beascuits and got 4x ATK stats. So, I have an extra set of toppings with cooldown and another with DMG reduction, just in case it’s needed.

    I suggest you go for any of the following stats in Legendary. Zesty Biscuit:

    • ATK
    • cool down
    • Decreased DMG
    • DMG reduction bypass

    We also have an updated CRK level list, so be sure to check that out if you’re interested in learning more about other cookies. You can also redeem all the latest Cookie Run: Kingdom codes if you haven’t yet, because a few extra crystals never hurt anyone!


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