Cookie Run Kingdom: Black Lemonade Cookie Toppings and Biscuits Guide

    • Black Lemonade Cookie needs a lot of ATK and cooldown.
    • She’s a must on any Electric-type team, thanks to the damage and debuffs she provides.
    • Try to get a Legendary Thunderous Spicy Biscuit for him to further boost that Electric DMG.

    The Black Lemonade Cookie is the next cookie we’ll look at in more depth, and it’s a tough cookie (to say the least)! She is a damage dealer that debuffs enemies and has a niche in an Electric-type team.

    If you’re eager to see the perfect construction of the Black Lemonade Cookie, including its best toppings and biscotti, keep reading because that’s what we’re going to take a look at today.

    About the Black Lemonade cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

    Black Lemonade Cookie is one. Bomber Cookie, and that’s one. Middle liner. He is one. The epic Cookie, but unlike many other epics, you can only get it from Gacha, or Arena Shop or Rainbow Shell Gallery. You can also farm his Soul Stones. Dark Mode Stage 18-24. Sadly, you can’t farm his Soulcores yet (you can only get them from Gacha).


    Electric rock!
    Black Lemonade Cookie plays her electric guitar, deals damage to the enemy with the highest HP (targeting the cookies first), inflicts Zap, and applies debuffs that make the enemy Gains CRIT DMG and lowers their DEF. She then deals damage and debuffs to nearby enemies, reducing their ATK. The Black Lemonade Cookie gives the team an Electrifying Rock Spirit buff and strengthens their next regular attacks to target the enemy with the most HP and nearby enemies. When Ellie Cookies with the Electrifying Rock Spirit buff deal zip damage or a critical hit, their Electrifying Rock! The charge increases. Once electric rock! Charged up, they deal extra damage to enemies. While Black Lemonade Cookie is using her skill, she will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.
    • DMG to target with highest HP: 156.6% of ATK + 25.7% of Max HP (Cookies)
    • Zap: 15.0% DMG every 0.5 sec for 10.0 sec
    • DEF: -25.0% for 10.0 seconds
    • CRIT DMG: +22.5% for 10.0 seconds
    • DMG to nearby targets: 156.6% of ATK
    • ATK: -13.5% for 10.0 seconds
    • Strong Regular Attacks: 162.9% ATK + 48.0% Max HP (Cookies)
    • Chain Attack to nearby targets: 100.0% of ATK; Chains up to x5 times
    • Electrifying Rock Spirit: 15.0 seconds
    • Electric rock! Additional DMG: 61.9% ATK of Black Lemonade Cookies for each x2 CRIT hit or Zap ticks dealt by allies under Electrifying Rock Spirit.

    Best Toppings for Black Lemonade Cookies

    Black Lemonade Cookie is pretty dependent on its ATK, so you want to go for either full ATK or full Cooldown Toppings. Ideally, you want to give it radiant toppings.

    • 5x Tropical Rock Chocolate Cooldown (mandatory), ATK (mandatory), DMG Resist, with Curt
    • 5x Tropical Rock Raspberry With cooldown (mandatory), ATK (mandatory), crit, dmg resist

    If you don’t have Resonant Toppings, Normal Toppings will work just as well. However, try to have both cooldown and ATK on all topping pieces, regardless of their type.

    Black Lemonade Cookie Perfect Biscuit Setup

    Give Black Lemonade Cookie a Legendary Thunderous Spicy Biscuit to increase his Electric DMG, but if you can’t max out, a normal Legendary Spicy Biscuit will do just as well. The purpose of these statistics:

    • cool down
    • ATK
    • DMG resistance
    • Criticism

    Put Black Lemonade on a team with a Shining Glitter Cookie, a Rockstar Cookie, and a Twizzly Gummy Cookie, and you have a handful of electrifying cookies that will destroy everything in PvE.


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