Cookie Clicker How To Play On Linux

This Cookie Clicker How To Play On Linux guide will help show you have to make your very own Linux release of Cookie Clicker Steam.

What do?

It make a Linux version of game. Very fun click click click but with pengiun fox man


Download “” from

(This might work for other devices too.)

Extract the .zip you get afterwards.


Open the game files for Cookie Clicker and copy the “resources” file, then open the cool new folder you downloaded and paste it in there. It’ll ask about conflicting files and have it replace all of them.

(Optional) Rename

Rename “Electron” to “Cookie Clicker”.


Run “Cookie Clicker”. It’ll run the game.


Step 1

Set Steam Play to “Proton 6.3-6” and use the launch argument “PROTON_LOG=1 %command%“.

Step 2

Launch the game.

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