Cookie Clicker Basics And Starting Tips

A short guide to the game, what, how and why.

Phase 1. Start the game.

In general, at this stage, your main goal is to buy as many buildings as possible that help produce cookies, while simultaneously pumping improvements that appear as you buy a certain number of buildings.

Don’t worry, after the first 5 minutes of the game you won’t have to sit and frantically click on a cookie. Buildings will do everything automatically, and you can just leave the game open and go about your business.

Phase 2. Development.

In principle, this stage can go in parallel with the first, but it will end clearly later than the purchase of the first “Empty Universe”. But for the sake of some separation, I decided to put it in a separate phase. It consists in the fact that, in addition to buying buildings, we can buy various improvements for cookies. They become available gradually as you progress through the game, you can find them in the window above the list of available buildings. There is everything from mastering different shapes and types of cookies that increase the speed of your production, to improvements to buildings that increase their productivity. In total, as you can see, there are already several hundred of them.

Well, okay, let’s say you are already bored of stupidly buying buildings with improvements, and the production speed is no longer growing as fast as you would like. And here comes one of the most interesting periods of the game at the initial stage.

Phase 3. Granny Apocalypse!

When all of the above is completely bored with you, you will have the opportunity to build a research center in which you can conduct research. At first, everything will start relatively harmless, but later you will be able to cross all boundaries, open access to the mythical ancients. All over the planet, strange phenomena will begin to occur, and grannies will turn into incomprehensible mummified wrinkled monsters.

Wrinkle monsters will begin to climb, seeking to seize your cookies. They will reduce your production rate, but do not seek to immediately kill them, because in fact, when you kill them, you get more cookies back than they ate. So let them get their fill first.

Well, okay, we have come to terms with the situation, we live on, sometimes we burst wrinkles. What’s next?

Phase 4. Ascension.

When it seems to you again that the game practically stands still, you can press the “Experience” button and carry out the ascension. Attention! I advise you to do this already when you reach at least level 200-300!

What does ascension do? Destroys all the fuck! Seriously. After ascension, you will start the game from scratch. But there are a few points … First, you will receive heavenly chips corresponding to the number of levels that you managed to gain. They give a healthy increase to CPS, which will allow you to go through all the initial stages very quickly next time and restore the production speed, i.e. on the next “lap” your production speed may be several times higher than it was when you reset the game. Secondly, all your achievements are saved. Why this is good – I’ll tell you later.

And most importantly, in the process of ascension, a skill tree becomes available to you.

Here, for the accumulated heavenly chips, you can acquire various skills that simplify production.

For example, cookies can be baked even when your computer is turned off, or a golden cookie (it provides various bonuses) will appear with a sound, so you never miss it. In general, a lot of things.

So we buy upgrades, swing, reset, swing with ever faster speed, reset again. There is no specific strategy for properly pumping the skill tree, so pump whatever you want.

Phase 5. Seasons.

Seasons become available after purchasing this upgrade in the tree. It costs 1111 heavenly chips. There are 4 of them: Christmas, Halloween, Easter and St. Valentine. There is also some mythical business day, but it does not give any goodies, so let’s forget it. Each season can be turned on or off in a special menu. And each season has the potential to increase your productivity, so you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity. For example, on Easter, Easter eggs with various bonuses can drop out from wrinkles, and on New Year’s you can grow your Santa from a test tube … Well, I kind of talked about the most basic features of the game. There are actually a lot more of them. For example, you can grow your dragon:

I will only hint at the ultimate goal. Naturally, in games of this type, it is not as such, tk. you can always bake more and more. But for me personally, the ultimate goal is to earn all the achievements. And there are so many different ones: from the banal “buy 100 prisms” to all sorts of interesting things like “bake 1 million cookies in just 15 clicks.”

For achievements, you get milk. During the game, you can buy cats that will work better the more milk you have.

More milk => more cookies per second.

About the dishonest way of passing.

To slightly simplify the passage of the game, or to satisfy your curiosity about “what’s next” can be done with the help of mods. Personally, I used the mod for x99999 CPS (cookies per second).

You can download it via the link:

download folder, nothing complicated to install there, open the root folder of the game through Steam, then \ resources \ app \ mods \ local. We drop the folder with the mod here, go into the game and in the “Settings” tab, scroll down to the “Mods” section.

There we click “Manage Mods” and click on CPSx99999Mods in the left column, click “Enable” in the right column and the “Restart with new changes” button will appear below.

All achievements will be counted in Steam after you disable the mod. This is done in the same way, only together the “Enable” button will be the “Disable” button.

Then everything is limited by your imagination 🙂

Mini games.


Appears after upgrading the Farm for sugar.

The bottom line is growing seeds into plants and buds.

Basically everything is described here.

Each plant can mutate and when harvested, you will receive a new type of seed. There are 34 species in total. To avoid spoilers, I will not attach all views.

For faster collection of all types of seeds, I recommend planting them by fertilizing with chips.

After collecting all the seeds, there is nothing difficult. Choose a plant, plant it with the fertilizer you like and get passive effects from them.

Stock Exchange.

Appears after upgrading the Jar for Sugar.

Nothing complicated, everything is like in life. You buy, wait for the price to rise, sell.

A garage is needed to increase storage space for goods. Brokers are needed to reduce the margin on purchased goods.


Appears after upgrading the Temple for sugar.

There are three cells. The first gives the strongest deity effect, the second gives the average deity effect, the third gives the weakest deity effect, everything is logical.


Appears after upgrading the Mage Tower for sugar.

Also, nothing complicated, you read the effect of each spell and apply it depending on your needs.

Mana replenishment is lower.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Cookie Clicker Basics And Starting Tips that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank ★ V. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.