Coffee Talk All Drinks Recipe Guide


Coffee drinks

Black Lemon: coffee, coffee, lemon

Black Magic: coffee, mint, honey

Caffe Latte: coffee, milk, milk

Cappuccino: coffee, coffee, milk

Espresso: coffee, coffee, coffee

Gingerbread Coffee: coffee, ginger, cinnamon

Ginger Latte: coffee, ginger, milk

Jahe Tubruk: coffee, coffee, ginger

Sugar and Spice: coffee, honey, cinnamon


Tea drinks

Gala Had: tea, milk, ginger

Masala Chai: tea, ginger, cinnamon

Midsummer Night’s Dream: tea, lemon, honey

Russian Tea: tea, lemon, cinnamon

Shai Adeni: tea, milk, cinnamon

Teh Tarik: tea, tea, milk


Green tea drinks

Cough Syrup: green tea, lemon, honey

Green Tea Latte: green tea, milk, milk

Marrakech: green tea, mint, mint

Shin Genmaicha: green tea, green tea, cinnamon

The Grinch: green tea, ginger, cinnamon


Chocolate drinks

Bitter Heart: chocolate, ginger, cinnamon

Chocobee Miruku: chocolate, honey, milk

Dark Chocolate: chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

Spanish Sahara: chocolate, milk, ginger

Spiced Lady: chocolate, milk, cinnamon


Milk drinks

Bedchamber: milk, cinnamon, honey

Le Menthol: milk, mint, lemon

Lemony Snippet: milk, honey, lemon

Milky Way: milk, honey, mint

STMJ: milk, ginger, honey

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