Codes from a Strange Universe (December 2022)


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    A Bizarre Universe is an action-packed adventure anime role-playing game based on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Complete missions taking down local thugs in your neighborhood or saving people from burning buildings. As you get stronger, explore the city and find more difficult missions and bosses. And once you’ve joined a gang, help defend their honor in PvP combat. Can your gang become the strongest in this strange universe?

    Bizarre Universe codes can give you cash to spend on new abilities and supports (special powers) or orbs that allow you to change a variety of options in the game, including abilities and style options. If you want to get ahead in the game, free cash will certainly help you!

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    List of all A Bizarre Universe codes

    Updated December 15, 2022

    Added a new ABU code.

    Codes from an alien universe (working)

    Here’s a look at all of the A Bizarre Universe job codes.

    • MY GANG FAIL!—Redeem for orbs (New)
    • MINI UPDATE!—Redeem for two orbs
    • RELEASE!—Redeem for 1000 cash
    • TO UPDATE!—Redeem for three orbs (Stand Orb, Skill Removal and Style Removal)

    Codes from an alien universe (expired)

    These codes for A Bizarre Universe no longer work.

    • There are no expired codes for A Bizarre Universe.

    How to redeem codes in A Bizarre Universe

    Redeem codes for free rewards at a strange universe It is easy. Follow our guide below.

    Image from MyFullGames
    1. Start A Bizarre Universe on Roblox.
    2. Press M on your keyboard to bring up the menu on the left.
    3. press the gray button CODES at the bottom of the menu on the left.
    4. In the window that opens, enter the code exactly as it appears here in the gray box.
    5. press the blue button SEND to claim your reward!

    How can you get more A Bizarre Universe codes?

    We’re probably in alien universes, looking for codes right now. But if you want to try to find your own A Bizarre Universe Roblox codes, try joining the A Bizarre Universe Discord Server and the Untitled and Unmastered Roblox Group. the discord server have a code section in the Important tab.

    Why aren’t my A Bizarre Universe codes working?

    Could you have made a type? Codes for A Bizarre Universe must be entered exactly as they appear here, including capitalization. It can also be easy to mistake a letter for a number, so we always recommend players cut and paste the codes directly from this site into the code box. Unfortunately, the code may have expired if you have and it still doesn’t work. This happens with most Roblox codes at the end. But don’t worry, as we are probably on the internet right now looking for more codes. Check back soon!

    What are the most important places in A Bizarre Universe?

    You will want to quickly get to know various places in A Bizarre Universe if you want to get ahead in this world.

    • The casino: A spin costs you a minimum of 500 cash, but you have a random chance to get an item. And you will want a lot of items.
    • Library: Visit here to resume the quest for the Suspicious Man. You will grind them anyway, and in this way, you will get a bonus of 500 Cash for every three you defeat.
    • Gym: Next to the Library, you can head here to meet the Boxing Trainer and fight The Champ for 1,000 Cash.

    What is A Bizarre Universe?

    A Bizarre Universe is an anime-style action game where you will fight against AI opponents and other players in PvP. As you progress, you’ll gain skills and then positions, which give you bonuses to strength, speed, health, and attack range. Complete missions and fight thugs to earn money, which you spend gacha-style in the casino to earn skills and items.

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