CoD players believe that the devs make new weapons OP to make them harder.


    Call of Duty players think they’ve cracked the code. After years of looking at the various Warzone metas, it’s finally dawning on fans that there is a pattern in which guns are the best and why.

    Led by one of the most broken shotguns (courtesy of DOOM) we’ve seen in action in years, Call of Duty fans are “100% sure.“That developers make new weapons OP, only to bring them down from the bottom.

    Warzone is set to have another broken meta thanks to new weapons.

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    Rarely does a gun arrive in the Call of Duty series via a live-action service and not be an instant hit. Think Grau, DMR, Bruin, and even the entire class of Cold War weapons when Warzone merged. All of them have been born on the backs of completely new arrivals.

    Now, another weapon is set to make a similar adjustment in the meta as the DOOM collaboration brings out the Super Shotgun (Lockwood 300) blueprint, which already shows fully armored Warzone players in leaked footage. is having a shot.

    The shotgun will be introduced soon, but since the Lockwood 300 has already been broken, fans believe the trend is to boost sales on the DOOM collaboration – rather than just relying on its aesthetics.

    Warzone fans claim that Call of Duty adds new and more powerful guns to annoy them.

    Nearly 100% of voters in the 30,000-wide poll agreed with the hypothesis that “Call of Duty intentionally makes certain weapons ‘OP’ in order to sell more bundles of a certain type and then eliminate them later.

    Taking to Twitter, ModernWarzone opened the ballot to fans after seeing the new super shotgun in action, and fans quickly agreed, with the percentage in favor of the statement now sitting at 95%.

    Yes that’s why new season weapons are always recommended weapons.“Charlie Intel journalist Keshav Bhatt agrees.”100%… See how the Lockwood 300 is cracked, and a little over 24 hours later, a bundle comes out for it,” added another fan.

    A third fan pointed out another time when this happened, and said, “The Godzilla STG skin was a perfect example. They sold the skin, let it fly for 2 weeks then STG was nuked in the next update.

    With Modern Warfare 3 on the horizon, it’s likely that the Varun Meta will be in for a major makeover come November. If you’re buying the game you’ll want to get used to the new weapons pretty quickly, as they’re definitely the most powerful guns in the game for a while.


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