CoD fans love unbelievably ‘cute’ puppy in War Hound skin bundle



    Season 5 of Warzone 2 & MW2 is now here, and as always, the major update introduced a huge amount of new content for the community to enjoy.

    While there are new weapons, maps, and a Battle Pass to check out, it’s the Tactical Pets that are getting the most attention from fans. These cute companions stay by your side during intense gunfights, and can even get involved in finishing moves.

    Merlin was the first Tactical Pet to be added to the game with the Season 5 BlackCell offering, but there’s a new furry friend that’s hit the CoD store and fans are obsessed with him. 

    CoD players love ‘adorable’ puppy in War Hound bundle

    Taking to the ModernWarfareII subreddit, user Leolandmass posted a picture of the new War Hound skin bundle and admitted for the first time ever, they “actually like this one.”

    While the Operator himself is a typical Mil-Sim design, it’s the “adorable” puppy on his shoulder that’s receiving all the praise from fans.

    The skin itself already looks great but the dog is just perfection,” said one player, with another going as far to say “I NEED IT, LOOK AT THE PUPPY, LOOK AT IT.”

    In terms of the dog himself, he’s actually based on a real-life pooch called Tactical Taz, who has over 110,000 followers on Instagram.

    How to get War Hound bundle in MW2 & Warzone 2

    War Hound bundle dog

    Click to enlarge

    If you’re keen on getting your hands on the War Hound skin in MW2 & Warzone 2, you’ll need to head over to the CoD store and purchase the bundle.

    In total, this costs the typical 2,000 CoD Points and also comes with two dog-themed weapon blueprints, as well as the standard extras.

    It’s worth noting that Taz can’t be involved in a finishing move which is a shame, but he’s definitely a useful companion to have by your side in battle, even if it’s just because he’s incredibly cute.



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