CoD fans convinced Tom Hardy is in Modern Warfare 3


    Call of Duty has boasted some great celebrity cameos over the years, and no, we don’t mean the Nicki Minaj and Snoop Dogg Operators. In terms of the franchise’s campaign, we’ve seen A-listers, including Gary Oldman, John Malkovich and even David Hasselhoff.

    There are sure to be more big names lurking in Sledgehammer Games’ Modern Warfare 3, as we get a sequel to 2022’s MW2 (despite being told we wouldn’t). The sequel to a sequel of a reboot is a little confusing, but if you’re keeping up, MW3 should be massive. However, has Tom Hardy snuck into Modern Warfare 3?

    Is Tom Hardy in Modern Warfare 3?

    A bizarre Reddit thread has appeared, claiming that Tom Hardy is the poster boy for Modern Warfare 3. It’s true, there’s a certain likeness between The Dark Knight Rises, Venom, and Inception star and the MW3 poster, but true CoDders know that’s not Hardy.

    It’s Task Force 141 overlord Captain John Price who’s front and centre of the MW3 poster, with Barry Sloane once again lending his likeness to Cap. After appearing in the likes of Hollyoaks and Revenge, Sloane took over as Price for voice and motion capture for 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot.

    It’s hard to unsee Hardy beneath that beard, but trust us, it’s Sloane. Someone else said, “Does kind of look like him actually, he would be great as Price,” while another added, “Mega bugging dude!

    A third concluded, “That’s Captain Price from the hit video game series Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare™ I know most of you have probably never heard of it, it’s not that popular, but they’re pretty good! I definitely recommend them if you like Battlefield or smthn.”

    Modern Warfare 3 sounds like a bloodbath

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    Infinity Ward

    We’ve heard plenty about a Call of Duty movie over the years, and while we’ve got a perfect Price in Sloane, Hardy would make an A-list replacement if he didn’t want to reprise his role in live-action. Still, that’s all wishful thinking for now.

    As for Modern Warfare 3, we’re warned not to get too attached to Price because some think this could be his last rodeo. The original Modern Warfare series had major deaths for the likes of Shepherd, Ghost, and Roach, while we’re warned MW3 could make up for the lack of major deaths in 2022’s MW2 with three big ones.

    There are also concerns that we could do away with the Call of Duty single-player campaigns as the franchise promises big changes, although we’re not buying that. The life and times of Price and co. still have a huge fan base. Also, if you want to sell more games, simply add Hardy as the long-lost brother of Captain Price. 


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