Cloud Gardens Achievement Guide

Quick guide for all the achievements in Cloud Gardens

Complete the Overworld

 Cloud Gardens Achievement GuideDiscoveryUnlock a new type of seed
 Cloud Gardens Achievement GuideBig PictureGo to the the Overworld after completing the first chapter

Using “Unlock Everything” in the settings might lock you out of these two. If so, reset your progress and play through the early missions again.

 Cloud Gardens Achievement GuideHalfway ThereFinish the Rooftops Chapter
 Cloud Gardens Achievement GuideGreen ThumbComplete the credits scene
 Cloud Gardens Achievement GuideMaster GardenerComplete every scene on the Overworld

Well, complete the overworld. Pretty self-explanatory.


 Cloud Gardens Achievement GuideThey’re WatchingPlace 30 gnomes in one scene
 Cloud Gardens Achievement GuideGetting the Band Back TogetherUse all of the toys in one level

This can easily be done in creative mode. Just unlock everything in the settings, enter creative mod, open the item catalogue (click the icon in the lower right corner or press the illustrated button), scroll all the way down and you’ll find the toys. The result will look something like this:

Cloud Gardens Achievement Guide
Cloud Gardens Achievement Guide
 Cloud Gardens Achievement GuideUpBuild a very tall contraption
 Cloud Gardens Achievement GuideOvergrowthGrow 120 plants in a single Overworld scene

For “Up”, you’ll have to stack building blocks (“bases”) unto each other, until the achievement pops up. Once it did, spam your tower with plants, until you have 120.

“Overgrowth” is a little buggy. I tried to do it in creative mode just to check, and it did not unlock. It DID unlock however, once I’ve switched to the overworld, while the creative map was still on screen… Might get fixed sometime soon.

The result will look something like this:

Cloud Gardens Achievement Guide
 Cloud Gardens Achievement GuideBiodiversityPlant one of each seed in a single scene
 Cloud Gardens Achievement GuideReforestationGrow 10000 plants in total

I tried to unlock “Biodiversity” in creative mode twice, but it didn’t work. It popped up on my first try in a overworld scene though. So I guess it’s actually tied to overworld.

Reforestation on the other hand has been confirmed by one of the devs to count both overworld and creative mode plants. Soo, after having finished the overworld to unlock all the achievements in the chapter above, just spam plants in creative mode until you’re done. Shouldn’t take too long.

Cloud Gardens Achievement Guide

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