Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Level Editor And Achievements Guide

For the love of god just get good or something idk


This is part 4 and covers achievements, secrets, multiplayer (in some ways) and also the workshop (also in some ways)

Section 1: Achievements

The first section which will be divided into common, rare and difficult achievements

Common Achievements

First of all: Pacifist. Step one: Kick challenge. Step two: Complete the first level by luring the bot into the spikes and NOT kicking it. Step three: Profit

Lets try another human: Literally just do nothing on the first level and there is a high chance you get the achievement.

There can only be one: Beat level, get clone, kill clone and that’s how mafia works.

Click BZZ: Main menu, title card, click it. It isn’t that hard can you get good already?

I’m like a bird: Oh my god just… Wait for an enemy to get on a jump pad and then get on the pad yourself too, then when you’re slowing down a lot kill the enemy.

I think it’s dead now: Please for the love of scientific facts if you seriously need help with this you need to go get therapy just literally hit GARBAGE AFTER KILLING A ROBOT I’M GOING FREAKING INSANE

Rare Achievements

Story mode insane 1-5: Just go read my guide on it i’m not putting a link here i’m too lazy.

M-m-m-m-multikill: Line them up perfectly and strike, best done with a hammer.

Anything regarding endless mode or challenges you can just go read my endless and challenge guides for maybe that will help?

Hello doborog: Join the discord here and get the twitch viewer role, when you get the notif you open clone drone and go into the stream from there to get the achievement.

[Weapon] master and i am on fire achievements: Play the game, murder things with weapons in a variety of ways and of course get good lmao.

Tis but a scratch: Attempt to lose your leg in a controlled way and then just go 3 levels, best done in bronze – gold in endless mode.

Power overwhelming: Get as far in endless mode as possible and when you have enough points you get all upgrades, you don’t need armor or repair for this achievement.

The garbage is mine: Kill the garbage bots, then the garbage is yours!

Difficult Achievements

The ones where people actually might need help.

So close and the best human: For so close you need to get it in last bot standing so there’s only you and 1 other person, then let them kill you. For the best human you do the same just try to kill them this time.

Fool: First of all, there’s like 3-5 levels where you can get this so it’s gonna be hard. Basically get lucky and have death cube 3.0 as your level and get on top of the death cube and jump on the emperor’s forcefield.

Fire on my mind: Idk get killed by a flame raptor in ch4 or something?

Easter already: There’s a secret in chapter 2, will get into more detail later in the guide.

Section 2: Secrets


And the said secrets are…

The warcubes, that’s all i know of, you find them in ch2 level 7 on a ledge to the right of the exit jumppad where there’s a small tunnel leading to the warcubes room. This grants you the Easter already? achievement.

Section 3: Multiplayer

You SuSSy BaKa


Endless mode but there’s more humans, from 2-4. Technically solo is possible in co-op but that’s just laggy singleplayer with skins.

Also you can have friendly fire on to remove friendship but that’s only in private lobbies.

Co-op: Challenge edition

Read the above one but replace endless mode with challenges


1v1 your friend who has 10 times less playtime in the game!

Only private matches exist for this game mode which is a big shame and the public ones need to be added back! Maybe someday.

LBS, Last Bot Standing

Oh look it’s the only thing this game is known for even though it’s not even that good!

Basically duels but more people and it’s a free for all. More game modes than just “kill everything that dares exist within the same plain of existence as you” might be coming in the future but i still think endless mode is far superior, not to call this bad it’s just if there is a single person with ping higher than 100 then they probably delete your entire body with the tip of their weapon.

Section 4: Title


Level editor

You’ve literally done everything in this game, there’s nothing left for yo… Oh wait level editor…

The cherry on top, the level editor (and by extension workshop) is probably one of the best things in this game. You can make pretty much whatever you want, like a giant death robot crushing everything in it’s path, or a big facility to destroy different robots in various brutal ways, or a huge magical godlike entity like the bowl with the power to destroy all of reality with some s p i c y s o u p, or a cute little duck. The choice is yours.

What to do after

Now for real there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING left in this game other than to have fun, destroy Bobots and commit good.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Level Editor And Achievements Guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank TitaniumSword3000. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.