Christmas comes early for Apex players with Prime Gaming bundle


    Apex Legends celebrates the festive season. Whether you are a Prime Gaming survivor or a good player, you can enjoy free loots.

    The Revenant Candy Bundle is now for grabs, and available to Prime subscribers across all devices, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. This bundle has three candy-themed cosmetics.

    Have you been too obnoxious or nice this year? To loosen the candy carton, to bring the rags of candy, and to the Grim Wrapper Banner Frame, and return to Revenant-Claus and take a trip! (

    Apex Legends (@PlayApex) December 15, 2022

    On the other hand, the popular revenant character skin is a unique candy cap. The banner Grim Wrapper illustrates this version of Revenant with a bow and a candy cane.

    This item will also be handed out under the ‘Donut Spritz’. Similarly, this wrap features white and red candy swirls suited to meet the holiday season celebrations in Apex.

    Of course, like all the Prime drops, this bundle won’t be available forever, so if you plan to add it to your collection, you’ll want to act early. If you are a Prime subscriber you’re only going to have to visit the Prime Gaming Apex page to get the word about your interest.

    If you first do this, you may need to link your Apex account to your Prime Gaming membership.

    It can be done by following the steps in the steps below.

    • Follow the links prompt from the Prime Gaming site to Electronic Arts.
    • Press allow and then sign up for your account.
    • Follow the prompts to redeem the new bundle.

    You’re pretty simple. Now, you can still enjoy the holidays with new looks.


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