Chainsaw Man Is a Dark Remix of Naruto and Kurama


With chainsaw manThe long-awaited anime has finally aired its first episode, fans have been drinking blood and gore. Watching Denji hunt down demons (aka demons) in his hybrid machine form has been a delight, with the style and fluidity really encapsulating what’s been seen on the page. In the process, it’s becoming just as action-packed and dynamic as people expected.

Interestingly, there’s a lot of depth outside of all the violence, not only with Makima seemingly infatuated with Denji’s human half, but also how it got turned on in the first place. In fact, upon closer inspection, Denji’s story actually has immense parallels to another popular manga/anime: narutoremixing the history of the Konoha ninja with Kurama in a dark way.

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Naruto and Kurama united to save the Shinobi world

In naruto (which started in 1999), Kurama (the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox) was tied to him as a baby by his parents, Minato and Kushina. They needed a blood vessel strong enough to contain the beast, and after they died in Madara’s war, Kurama would start working with Naruto. Of course, they weren’t friends at first, with Kurama corrupting the young ninja and wanting to lash out at a world that avoided them. However, Kurama came to love Naruto’s pure heart and ambition.

Kurama stayed with Naruto for decades, giving him godlike power so they could free and unite the shinobi world. They ended up taking out many villains from Akatsuki to Kaguya, but sadly, the battle against Isshiki saw Kurama sacrifice himself to save the now Hokage. He was heartbreaking enough as they were tied to each other’s survival, but Kurama found a way to break the rules and allow Naruto, after decades of being together, to break free and chart a new era.

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Denji and Pochita have more selfish intentions in Chainsaw Man

This bond with a divine force is changed into chainsaw Men with Denji and Pochita (a dog-like demon) mauled by other demons. However, Pochita bonds with Denji, giving him his life essence so that Denji can one day live out his dream of being debt-free and whoever he keeps killing. This transforms Denji into a chainsaw hybrid, with Pochita inside his body in the same way that Kurama’s soul was housed in Naruto.

Except there’s no arguing here, nor does Pochita limit power like Kurama could have; Denji tries his best to kill his enemies. The problem is that without this regulation, the chainsaw man The protagonist could become addicted, lose his humanity and continue to kill as a weapon of mass destruction. He is also not altruistic at all; Denji is selfish and seeks to work with the Public Safety initiative for a salary. It’s true that he’s broke, so he’s understandable, but still, some virtue would have been nice. Instead, Pochita is training and empowering him, feeding his greedy nature.

Maybe at some point, Pochita will emerge to have that heart to heart and ask him to be better, but for now, Denji is the opposite of Naruto. This is about business, not changing the world, while Pochita, who cares for him as much as Kurama did for Naruto, intends to let him become a destroyer, not realizing that it will erode his mental health. . Thus, while Kurama took care of Naruto physically and mentally, Pochita only does so physically, which could lead to Denji becoming a villain if he goes unchecked for too long.

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