Chainsaw Man Episode 2 Review


When a sequence is hailed as having a groundbreaking pilot, its second episode tends to pivot again into the tropes of its style contemporaries and inspirations. Such is the case for Episode 2 of Chainsaw Man, which takes a step again from the stark horror vibes of its premiere to introduce an attention-grabbing set of supporting characters and detailed worldbuilding, each of that are staples for fantastical reveals within the shonen demographic. However, Episode 2, “Arrival in Tokyo,” additionally options some clichéd persona improvement for its protagonist Denji, which might, if dealt with poorly, result in some poisonous ideologies in its future.

Episode 2, “Arrival in Tokyo,” begins Denji’s journey into the world outdoors of the slums he grew up in. It initiates him into his new life as a civil servant operative in Japan’s Public Safety Devil Hunters and introduces him to his coworkers: Makima, the alluring however ominous lady who discovered him post-transformation; Aki Hayakawa, a stoic agent with a private hatred for Devils; and Power, a sort of Devil often known as a Fiend who inhabits the physique of a human. As Denji involves take pleasure in his newfound way of life, he additionally learns extra about his specific predicament and the society that he now finds himself in.

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To accommodate this exposition, Chainsaw Man slows its tempo significantly. In place of hard-hitting Devil looking motion, Episode 2 tantalizes its viewers with Denji’s new comrades, every of whom possesses apparent depth to their characters. Aside from the potential for intriguing backstories, every of them displays an unsettling worldview that reveals the type of group that Denji is now becoming a member of.

Makima, who takes Denji in as her ward and worker, treats him extra like a pet than a human, making it obvious that she is maintaining him just for his utility as a Devil Hunter and won’t hesitate to place him down if he steps out of line. Conversely, Aki sees Denji as a blight, each due to Denji’s distinctive existence as a human-Devil hybrid and his surface-level ambitions. Power, who comes closest to being like Denji when it comes to origin, reveals little regard for Denji, seeing him as a method of discovering Devils that she will be able to bloodbath for the sake of satiating her personal bloodlust.

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As fascinating because the characters are for designs and ideas, it’s their dynamic with Denji that’s the most scintillating. Studio MAPPA as soon as once more employs masterful use of lighting to focus on Denji’s interactions with them. When they present him kindness by giving him garments to put on or paying for the primary respectable meals he is ever had in his life, they’re portrayed in a heat and homey glow, contrasting them with the shady characters who used and abused him in his earlier life. This tenderness is named into query once they freely state how they actually really feel about Denji, shrouded in shadows which are visually juxtaposed towards those self same rays of sunshine.

In this fashion, Chainsaw Man emphasizes some cynical views on sure spheres of society. Despite being crammed with nightmare monsters who thrive on bloody homicide, its most unnerving components are current on the earth’s establishments. While Denji cherishes the civil decency he’s now aware of, no one fills the position of a real good friend like Pochita did, despite the fact that Pochita was a Devil. This works as a critique of bureaucracies that see their employees and constituents as sources. Alternatively, it may very well be interpreted as an perception into how individuals flip inhumane when uncovered to longstanding stress, like that of being surrounded by vicious demons each day.

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Still, within the midst of this chilly setting, there’s some heat to be discovered. Denji’s new lease on life permits him to partake in on a regular basis gratifications that beforehand appeared like a luxurious to him. The most lovable moments of the episode characteristic him singing nonsensically within the bathtub or slathering toast with each unfold he can discover. These snippets are all the time flooded with vibrant colours, underlining the healthful pleasure that solely somebody who has gone with out such privileges can expertise.

Regardless, a few of Denji’s persona traits make an in any other case lovable character right into a stereotypical bro. Once Denji finds his speedy wants met, his objectives shortly shift to deal with the other intercourse. Romantic and sexual curiosity is pure, however when confronted with the need to forge a brand new aim, Denji chooses to objectify the one girls in his life. While Makima is the preliminary goal for this, his eyes deviate to Power’s chest instantly after assembly her, and he even disobeys orders throughout a hunt as a way to purchase some erotic magazines.

This type of standard hypermasculinity seems like a step again from the extra nuanced characters which are current in lots of different shonen sequence. This is to not say he needs to be shamed for such urges. It is comprehensible that Denji, who was beforehand disadvantaged of typical pleasures, would lengthy for bodily affection. The dangerous impact is that it makes mild of feminine objectification and reinforces the concept males solely have one factor on their minds. Nevertheless, that is doubtless arrange for the sequence to later subvert expectations, as Denji and people round him show themselves to be extra dynamic characters. Hopefully, he’ll develop right into a refreshing take past a easy rehash of a teenage boy, recalibrating to suit the enthralling setting that surrounds him.

Chainsaw Man streams on Crunchyroll weekly, with new episodes airing each Tuesday.

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