Chained echo – how to make a chain?



    Guide to Making Lean Bursted


    In terms of equipment you’ll want the Magic Pauline as an accessory, but if you don’t want to gamble on crit, the Bracelet of Magic is also a good candidate. But Lane has a 15% baseline crit that makes her a good candidate. Depending on the class mark you may want Pyromancer as your end game.

    Passive skills for me would be passive characters TP Up, TP Sacrifice, and Mag Up. If you’re playing harder and lane is weaker I’d honestly trade the TP sacrifice for the clothing bonus. As for class passives I’d go with Agi Up and Crit Up.

    You just have to spam Elemental Packet -> Third Eye and proceed to use the same elemental weakness on the enemy as she gets a big advantage from her two skill modifiers. As for the Heavenly Tear attack as it will allow Lane to hit all basic weaknesses.

    That said, you’ll want to use All Break to maximize Glenn’s output while moving Glenn as a member, slotting him with the Guard skill. Can so that he can possibly hit for it. Glenn can also use Oil Slash to force a fire weakness on an enemy if they don’t have an elemental weakness.

    Viktor is always important with Heroic Hymn -> Poetic Ode to maximize damage, he can also provide TP regen to help recover lost TP from Elemental Packets.

    The 4th member is a toss up but if you choose Magic Poles then Sien is a good choice for the Micah buffing Agility and buffing crit chances.

    For now just keep spamming Third Eye -> Heavenly Tears. You’ll usually be able to take down even stronger enemies by the time your third eye is gone. But yeah keep in mind it’s pretty slow output but you can easily reach 10-20K+ depending on late damage.

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