Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Gran Turismo


    I’m very pleased that we celebrate 25th anniversary since the first release of the Gran Turismo series.

    In 1992, Gran Turismo was the first project plan that I created because of the vast majority of others I developed when I first started working in this industry and that means much to me.

    I wasn’t thinking about making video games at the age of 10 as a hobby but I never thought I would make a career.

    At 14 years old, I started a movie producer’s club. Originally I was a filmmaker at Sony, so I began to create a picture. Their department had no idea what they were looking for.

    It was a department where the PlayStation console was already starting. It was a place where Kutaragi-san worked eagerly to share the concept of PlayStation.

    It wasn’t what I had anticipated, but look back at that place again you could say I was very lucky.

    I was fascinated by real time 3D graphics that many waited for and built and presented designs for all kinds of video games and RPGs, adventure games, action games, games, puzzles, etc.

    The result is that Gran Turismo expanded the fantasy world in the motor toon Grand Prix and became one of the first games of the first generation, with the success of a planned game – and it’s unlikely as to try another one again.

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    After the project, the consortium formed a team of two part time artists and three engineers.

    Since then, the number of comrades grew to more than a half century, and is now a company that has 200 employees.

    I don’t think there are many videogame franchises in the world that have continued for 25 years with the same title and the same team.

    The employees are still working on the front lines, so I’m grateful and proud to say that all the staff of our company are a team that are very motivated and lovingly inspired by that company started to develop.

    The total sales total of the series reached more than 90 million copies as of November 16, 2022.

    And so is this result of something that without our help.

    The media communicated the beauty of the New York Times, revealing the rumors, to their readers. That’s who sold us GT around the world with passion and massive support from the retailers who communicated with us.

    My heartfelt thanks go through all of them for their support.

    And to be better known, I can’t ever thank enough the GT users and the GT community who have played our new titles, whom I say to say, too, were very experimental.

    Because of all the people who supported us, we are here today.

    I believe that the Gran Turismo series always pursued Beauty. The beauty of the cars, the beauty of the landscape, the beauty of lighting, the beauty of driving, the beauty of sound, the beauty of the music, and the beauty of the art.

    Creating Gran Turismo is the motivation for looking for beauty.

    We’ve found the determination to continue our progress toward the future with a high sense of purpose.

    We appreciate your support over the last 25 years. Thank you.


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