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Satellite Reign Download

Satellite Reign Download Full Game PC

Satellite Reign is a cyberpunk real-time strategy. In the game we prove the four agents working in a large open city. Game working on the engine Unity, it was prepared by Studio 5 Lives, founded among others by Mike diskette, one of the authors Syndicate Wars and a few other games the legendary Bullfrog. Satellite Reign is the true heir and a modern remake released in 1993 Syndicate.

Anno 2205 Download

Anno 2205 Download Full Game PC

Anno 2205 is the next part recognized series of economic strategy. It is a kind of sequel to Anno 2070. The game was developed by developers from the studio Blue Byte. The game is set in the distant future, and therefore we have to deal with futuristic buildings and technological solutions. Players take on the manager of the emerging metropolis that has to be created from scratch and lead to prosperity, would later fly into space. During the game the whole time trying to raise the necessary resources.

Invisible Inc Download

Invisible Inc Download Full Game PC

Invisible, Inc. is a turn-based strategy allows for directing small branches spies. The game for the PC developed studio Klei Entertainment, which is the creator Mark of the Ninja, Don’t Starve and a Shank series. Players take on the commander of the organization of spies. Our task is to hack into the best kept places on Earth and stealing secret data. The authors made sure that the profession of heroes is reflected in the mechanisms of the game, because a key role in relating the winning plays obtaining information.

Cities Skylines Download

Cities Skylines Download Full Game PC

Cities: Skylines is a game of strategy and economic produced by a team of Colossal Order, which created earlier two games – Cities in Motion and Cities in Motion 2: The Modern Days. This time, the developers decided not to limit ourselves to the subject of urban transport projects and challenged the type of SimCity. The main objective of the game is to build their dream city, but it certainly is not everything.