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ARK Survival Evolved Download

ARK Survival Evolved Download Full Game PC

ARK Survival Evolved is set in an open world survival simulator in which dinosaurs are the main rivals of the players. The title is the debut production Wildcard studio, founded by a former employee of Microsoft Game Studios. Gameplay mechanic is modeled on the cult MMO likes of DayZ with the difference that the role of the ubiquitous zombies have taken over huge prehistoric reptiles.

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Download

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Download Full Game PC

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is the next edition of the popular series of action games. For creating Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Download corresponds to the Japanese studio Kojima Productions. The game focuses on stealth among unsuspecting enemy patrols. The MGS V brought several changes compared to previous parts. There we have an open world and we can use vehicles.

Wolfenstein The Old Blood Download

Wolfenstein The Old Blood Download Full Game PC

The Old Blood is the first expansion to the game Wolfenstein The New Order. The extension has been developed by MachineGames studio. Action takes place in Bavaria in 1946. Our task is to explore the Wolfenstein Castle. Addon introduces many new weapons and enemies. Expansion shows the events preceding those of The New Order. The creators take us to 1946 to Bavaria, where he played out minicampaign divided into two parts.

GTA V PC Download

GTA V PC Download Full Game

GTA V is the latest part of series Grand Theft Auto developed by Rockstar North. The action takes place in the Los Santos (modeled on Los Angeles). The game has an extensive plot. We play three different characters: Michael – bank robber, Trevor – former fighter pilot and Franklin – boy from the ghetto. Each of them comes from other social environments.  During the game we can change the character at any time. In this way we will visit the whole Los Santos very fast.