Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Handheld Port Unearthed


footage of a Castlevania: Symphony of the Night The never-released portable port has appeared and has us pretty excited, to say the least. The video brings back memories that we didn’t even know were still there. You can take a look at the video, which shows a surprisingly intact symphony of the night port, right here, courtesy of YouTuber Diskman Presents.

This footage shows Castlevania: Symphony of the Night it’s played on Tiger’s Pocket Pro handheld, which was fully equipped with a backlit display (flashy, isn’t it?). So what is the problem with this port? The action RPG was released in 1997 originally via PlayStation, so seeing it on a handheld like this is pretty impressive.

symphony of the night it actually tanked in sales early on, which you may find hard to believe given its cult status now. Over the years, it gradually became a staple for fans of action RPGs, selling over 700,000 units seemingly out of nowhere in the US and Japan. It is the second part of the acronym for “Metroidvania”.

The game is a 2D sidescroller, where players traverse through Dracula’s castle to find the Shaft entity (can you dig it?) that has taken control of Richter Belmont’s body and mind. You may know Richter as the hero of the events that took place in the previous game, Castlevania: Round of Blood. Symphony has a few more surprises, but we don’t want to spoil them; after all, you may never have played this classic.

Though Castlevania: Symphony of the Night it ended up making its way to a handheld device, the PSP, it was never released on Pocket Pro, so this footage is a true throwback to the OG ’97 title. It is very strange to see symphony of the night via old-school Game Boy-o-vision.

The Tiger Pocket Pro was released in June 1999, after sales of the original device collapsed. Tiger decided to exhibit the console at the American International Toy Fair in February 1999, and even at E3 in May of that year. What the console lacked in color, it made up for with a backlit display and sporting several different color options. Tiger even reduced the size of the handheld to match the size of the Game Boy Pocket in hopes of generating more sales. With two AAs and $29.99 in hand, he had his own Pocket Pro at his fingertips. Sadly, the console was discontinued in 2000 due to low sales volume, only selling around 300,000 units total.

There have been several major titles that has ported over the years, such as duke nukem 3d and even a resident evil 2 iteration for the 1998 handheld. this version of resident evil 2 it was less of a port and more of a rework, as several core and key features were removed to make it playable on console. Unfortunately, the symphony of the night port is not playable right now but hey you can at least check it as part of the Requiem collection on PlayStation.

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