Castle of Shikigami 2 How To Install Vintage English Voices

By NeoStrayCat

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Welcome, Castle of Shikigami 2 fans! If anyone remembers playing the NA PS2 version as well as I have, its that the majority remembers it for the questionable English translation and dub. While not included, since the game has a newly revised English translated script, and the original JP voices.

However, great strides have been made to restore the entire dub (to an extent) from the NA PS2 version. (This does not include the script from the PS2 version though.)


Open the file with any zip extractor, then simply drag and drop the entire “na” folder (in “Castle of Shikigami 2\media” and then select “yes” to replace all files.) to hear everyone based on the old NA PS2 release. A ReadMe is included for more information.

To DL:

DL link to the Vintage Voices[]