Cassian Andor Just Learned the Real Power of the Rebel Alliance


The following accommodates spoilers for Andor Season 1, Episode 7, “Announcement,” now streaming on Disney+.

Against all odds, Cassian Andor obtained precisely what he needed from his temporary dalliance with the Rebel Alliance. He obtained to “win and walk away,” although he had to try this strolling away whereas murdering a traitorous teammate. Yet, simply when he thought he escaped sure demise, he went house to find the true energy of the Rebels in Star Wars.

When viewers first meet Cassian, chronologically talking, he needs three issues: to repay his money owed, depart his house on Ferrix and discover his sister. His minimize of the Aldhani heist is sufficient to do each. (Possibly all three, if she really survived.) Maarva Andor, his adopted mom of a form, is his solely household left. Yet, when he returns to Ferrix to whisk her away, she refuses to go. After he left in a shootout with Imperial-backed company safety forces, the Empire took over the planet. Viewers lastly be taught what occurred to Clem, Cassian’s adopted father. He was killed attempting to cease different residents from protesting the arrival of the Empire, utilizing Clone Troopers as an alternative of Stormtroopers, no much less. Cassian by no means admits he was concerned, however the Rebels’ actions on Aldhani impressed his mom to surrender her life to combat the trigger he is at the moment working from. At least Star Wars followers now know why he was such a sucker for Jyn Erso’s “Rebellions are built on hope” argument in Rogue One. He was raised by a believer.

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The Empire Killing Clem Andor Extinguished Hope in Maarva and Cassian

When Maarva and Clem “rescued” the boy then known as “Kassa” from Kenari, they stated “the Republic” would kill all of the natives. It would not matter if this was a brutal facet of the Republic not seen on The Clone Wars or the Empire nonetheless utilizing the Republic’s ships. Those are Clone Troopers that kill Clem and the dissenters, not Stormtroopers. So, to Maarva and Cassian, the Republic and the Empire are simply two names for a similar factor. After Clem was publicly executed, the Andor household was content material to maintain their heads down and never trigger bother. They misplaced sufficient. Until Cassian by chance killed a company safety guard (after which deliberately killed his associate), the Empire additionally appeared content material to maintain their distance. Now that they are again for good, Cassian needs to depart greater than ever. Yet, Maarva cannot.

The largest travesty in your complete episode is that neither of them let B2EMO provide his opinion about fleeing or being Rebels. Still, regardless that Cassian believes he is accomplished sticking his neck out for that trigger, Maarva is able to give her life for it. Unlike the Rebels he simply met, she merely thinks that resistance is a greater choice than passive acceptance of tyranny. Cassian begs her to affix him, saying he will likely be anxious about her on a regular basis. “That’s just love,” she replies, devastating each the viewers and Cassian. He leaves her however appears to have each intention of returning. Though, it is perhaps too late.

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Maarva Isn’t Going to Make It Out of Andor Alive

At the tip of the episode, Cassian finds himself on the incorrect finish of a six-year jail sentence. This present takes place 5 years earlier than the occasions of Rogue One. Viewers know he will not serve the entire sentence since he has a date on a Scarif seashore. The subsequent time he will get again to the one mom he is identified, she could also be one more Rebel whose sacrifice will, as Luthen’s ally Kleya Marki informed Vel about her comrades, “be remembered.” While Cassian will certainly have his personal causes for wanting to affix the Rebellion, Maarva’s destiny might be what makes him a real believer.

Andor continues to be precisely what Star Wars for adults ought to appear to be. The household dynamic at play in parallel with the political storyline makes the galactic huge image very private. Stories like Maarva’s are what Star Wars has at all times actually been about: individuals preventing again when and the way they will.

Andor debuts new episodes Wednesdays on Disney+.

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