Cartoon FPS from Apex & Destiny devs could rival VALORANT


    As studios grow and change their lineup, we’ve seen plenty of dev studios formed with a focus on creating new franchises, drawing in some of the industry’s top talent.

    Apex Legends and Titanfall devs Respawn Entertainment, for example, famously emerged from Infinity Ward, while upcoming titles like Evercore Heroes are in the works from former Riot devs.

    Mountaintop Studios’ list of alumni is certainly impressive, though, with the studio headed up by Nate Mitchell. He’s a co-founder of Oculus, while the rest of the team boasts veterans from the likes of Bungie, Naughty Dog, Respawn, Blizzard Entertainment & much more within its ranks.

    Mountaintop Studios teases first game

    Tweeting the trailer above with the caption “Soon,” the game offers a stylised trailer which shows empty bullet casings, a 3D model of a building, and what appears to be a bomb detonating (which certainly gives VALORANT vibes).

    It also shows off four “glyphs”, which could be representative of some kind of character classes or elemental types – but that’s just speculation on our part. While Mountaintop hasn’t yet confirmed the genre of its first project, it’s likely it’ll be some kind of competitive shooter.

    What is Mountaintop Studios’ first game?


    Arguably the last big competitive shooter to make a splash was VALORANT, leaning into a tactical slant that fans still can’t get enough of.

    Mountaintop has been responding to tweets about the project, and it sounds as though whatever its game is will follow a similar route to VALORANT and CS:GO with what appear to be multiple bomb sites.

    One commenter asked if the team is looking for any testers for the project, prompting the Mountaintop Studios account to reply with ‘Stay tuned’ – suggesting a sort of closed beta may be on the cards.

    While plenty of responses to the trailer have been positive, some have been noting the inherent similarities to VALORANT’s art style and potential crossover with the premise of Mountaintop’s title. Here’s hoping it does enough to stand alone in a crowded shooter genre when we get more information. 


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