Can you use women in FC 24 Ultimate Team? FUT integration & chemistry explained


    FC 24 is nearly here, and many fans will be wondering if they can use women for the first time in the Ultimate Team game mode. Ultimate Team is FC 24’s online mode that millions of players flock to, building their own squads using players from the game and hoping to make an elite team.

    Players can be earned through a variety of different ways in Ultimate Team, ranging from opening packs to completing SBCs. There is always lots to consider when building a squad, and ultimately you want the best players for how you play but also fit the meta of the game. It is hard to tell how the meta will be going into the game, and it will no doubt change a few times throughout the year. However, the introduction of a fresh group of players should help spice things up. 

    We are going to dive into whether or not women will be included in FC 24’s Ultimate Team, as well as how they might be integrated into FUT and impact chemistry.

    Are women playable in FC 24 Ultimate Team? 

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    For the first time, women will now be used in Ultimate Team sharing the pitch with the men. This will open up huge amounts of squad-building potential, completely switch up the market and adds a heap of fresh players to the database. There is no doubt that this is one of the biggest changes we have seen in Ultimate Team in years, and should really shake things up.

    FC 24: Which women’s league will be in Ultimate Team? 

    Alex Scott as she appears in FC 24 Ultimate Team as a hero

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    Women being introduced into Ultimate Team means there are a bunch of new leagues introduced into the game as well. The database isn’t quite as vast or extensive as it is for male players, but there are still five fresh leagues being introduced in the game mode. The fresh leagues being added are listed below. 

    There will also be some select teams from the Women’s Champions League included in FC 24 as well, once again helping to add even more variety to squad building in FC 24. 

    • Barclays Women’s Super League (England)
    • D1 Arkema (France)
    • Google Pixel Frauen-Bundesliga (Germany)
    • Liga F (Spain)
    • National Women’s Soccer League (United States)

    How will women’s chemistry work in FC 24 Ultimate Team?

    how chemistry appears in FC 24 Ultimate team

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    Chemistry is not having a major overhaul this year, it will largely stay consistent with what we knew from last year’s game. However, the introduction of women in FC 24’s Ultimate Team is a completely new variable to consider. The reason why this is so interesting is because teams have both men’s and women’s teams.

    Chemistry remains the same, but the biggest addition is players who represent the same team will link to one another, so if you had multiple Chelsea players they will all link, regardless of the gender and league of the player. An unknown at this point will be how promos and TOTW will be impacted by this change, but we will have to wait for the FC 24 to release before we know. 

    That is all we know about how women will be integrated into FC 24’s Ultimate Team, in what looks like one of the most exciting changes to the game mode in years. If you can’t wait for the next edition of the game, take a look at our hands-on preview for our thoughts on the game so far. 

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