Can you customize your broom in Hogwarts Legacy?


    Hogwarts Legacy not only features the titular school, but also an open world around it. To explore it, players will have a variety of options to move around. Unsurprisingly, one of those options will be flying on a broomstick. Based on this gameplay display, you will not only be able to assemble a broomstick, but also customize it as you see fit. Here’s what we know about broom customization in Hogwarts Legacy.

    How to customize your broom in Hogwarts Legacy

    Players should be able to visit a sporting goods store in Hogsmeade that will sell brooms that allow you to change the cosmetic appearance of your vehicle. There will also be opportunities to improve the speed of your broom relative to its ground clearance. To do this, you will need to interact with the Sporting Goods Shop Manager and help him out. He’s apparently trying to get a better understanding of the broom’s run, as Hogwarts Legacy is set in a much earlier time period than Harry Potter universe.

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    Broomsticks can be used at full speed when flying close to the ground. As you rise into the air, your top speed will decrease as indicated by a yellow bar in the bottom left corner of the screen. Upgrading your broom will allow you to fly at faster speeds even further above the ground.

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