Call of Duty players hate ‘poisonous’ DMZ campers


    In order to secure the rewards and loot you’ve earned while playing DMZ, you need to extract from the map with your squad.

    Sometimes, this goes smoothly and you make it out in an instant with no trouble at all, but this isn’t always the case.

    With other players on the hunt for prey and the chance to steal loot from their foes, there’s no guarantee you won’t have to fight for your survival. However, instead of tracking enemies down, some competitors prefer to camp, specifically at extraction points.

    For a lot of the DMZ community, this strategy is “poisonous” and completely ruins the game mode, making it impossible to have fun.

    CoD players slam DMZ extract campers

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    Taking to the ModernWarfareII subreddit, user MrAngryKraken asked if anyone else in the community “hates extract campers in DMZ.”

    This sparked a massive response from players, all mutually fed up with campers who hide away and then fire down on their opponents, giving them no chance to fight back.

    Campers in general are the worst, but these are a poisonous sub-genre, anyone intentionally f**king up someone’s attempt to do a challenge or leave a game with a reward, is just scum,” said one user, with another arguing “extraction site campers are the absolute worst.”

    Unfortunately, while the strategy is hated by DMZ fans, there’s very little the devs can do to combat camping. It’s always going to be a strategy some competitors adopt, especially those that enjoy stealing loot from other Operators.

    How to counter DMZ extract campers

    Modern Warfare 2 DMZ

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    If you’re truly tired of extract campers and need a solution, some suggestions were put forward in the thread that may help you in your next DMZ match.

    A lot of players made it clear it’s better to leave the map via a Hostage Contact or through a Private Exfil. These are significantly safer than the standard extraction and you’re a lot less likely to run into campers.

    Of course, the final way to counter them is to always be on the lookout and prepare to beat them in a straight gunfight. This is the most difficult option, but it’s by far the most satisfying and rewarding when it works out.


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