Call of Duty fans absolutely hate Nicki Minaj’s voice lines



    Back in Vanguard when Snoop Dogg was first added, many players could look past having the RnB star in the trenches of Numa Numa and Gavutu, as its just another face you need to shoot off a head glitch, it was what it was.

    But hearing “Yeah it’s me, the one and only, ya dig?”, “Keep it 100,” and “Get yo groove on there, player,” several hundred times a day when grinding Das Haus and Dome was enough to want to vaporise every Snoop-related item in existence and banish the D-O-double-G into the aether to never return.

    Now, the same is about to happen with Nicki Minaj, as leaked voice lines are being slammed by Call of Duty fans.

    Nicki Minaj’s Call of Duty voice lines leaked

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    The Nicki Minaj bundle is not set to arrive in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone (and the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 given that skins are carrying over) until later in Season 5, but her arrival has been leaked for some time.

    Now, after confirmation from the Call of Duty blog that she is going to be the first-ever self-named female Operator in CoD history, leakers have released her voice quips.

    Some of the lines include, “Throw it back baby,” “Imma tell this bad b***h where your squad is at,” and “Brrrrat”, and it’s safe to say some CoD die-hards have been rattled.

    Call of Duty fans are hating on Nicki Minaj’s voice lines


    With the leaks emerging on Twitter, many content creators and fans have begun to share their opinions, all of which seem negative.

    Popular Warzone content creator and model Mina Mendez took to Twitter to say, “honestly, this ain’t it man,” while the Mara Operator actor Alex Zedra posted a gif to express her distaste.

    “I hate everything about this,” said another fan.

    “Imagine getting killed in Warzone and immediately you have Super Bass blasting through your headset,” added another.

    Fans mainly claimed that it was out-of-tune with the Call of Duty series, mocking the shooter genre, although that period of mockery has been long in the making given we already have Santa, Easter Bunnies, and Superheroes in the game…



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