Call of Duty could scrap annual games in favour of DLCs



    We’re a bit tired of having all of these Call of Duty titles gathering dust on our shelves, especially when someone comes in a says, “If you don’t play them, why don’t you sell them?”

    The Call of Duty annual releases are rather strenuous, and when we all bought into the rumour that there will be no Call of Duty 2023, there was a sense of relief in the community.

    Alas, Modern Warfare 3 is coming, but that could actually be the last ‘game’ that Call of Duty ever produces…

    Call of Duty moves all games to CoD HQ

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    With so many Call of Duty games, the franchise has now been preparing a shift of how to access them, especially with the reactivation of old titles.

    Instead of having to download multiple titles and flick through your clients (whether this be on Steam or on console), Call of Duty will now be transitioning everything over to CoD HQ. 

    This will mean that players will load up CoD HQ when they want to play anything on the series, and then will be able to select which ‘game’ they want to play: Warzone, Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops 2, World at War, for example.

    In theory, this should allow Call of Duty to keep a streamlined way of updating their titles and keeping the series in an organised fashion.

    What this also means is that there will only be one Call of Duty game, per se, and every annual release will transform into a “DLC,” which can be downloaded and removed at will.

    Call of Duty could scrap annual ‘games’ in favour of yearly DLCs

    Modern Warfare 3 has now appeared on Steam underneath the CoD HQ app banner and is listed as a DLC. Although it has not yet been released, this will see the title be a $70-100 DLC (depending on which version you choose to buy), making it one of the most expensive DLCs ever. 

    So far, the CoD HQ app plays off the MW2 client, although it’s likely this will soon transition away from the current title to a generalised hub, where you will be able to flick through the menus and select which pre-downloaded DLC that you’d like to pay. 

    With Call of Duty 2024 also on the horizon, it doesn’t look like the annual releases will be slowing down any time soon, but they will now be classed as DLCs, rather than games.



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