Bulb Boy Achievement Guide

A guide to all achievements of Bulb Boy!

Welcome to my Guide!

Before you start reading I just want to say that my native language is not english so don’t be too hard with me when I spelled something wrong or if you can’t understand something. If this happens, just write a comment and I’ll change it! And now, happy hunting! 🙂

Not missable Achievements

Bulb Boy Achievement Guide

First Blood

Die the first time. It’s almost impossible to miss this one.

Bulb Boy Achievement Guide

Headless Chicken Defeated

Kill the first boss, the Headless Chicken, and eat it.

Bulb Boy Achievement Guide

Drunken Earthworm Defeated

Kill the second boss, the Drunken Earthworm.

Bulb Boy Achievement Guide

Snotty Bunny Defeated

Kill the third boss Snotty Bunny with your love <3.

Bulb Boy Achievement Guide

Eternal Light

Finish the game.

Missable Achievements

Bulb Boy Achievement Guide

All Faces Of Death

For this one you have to die every way that is possible. You need one playthough to get this one. Here’s a little list wich ways I used to get it:

Way to dieLocation
Get killed by the Headless Chicken.Kitchen
Get killed by your own poo (Achievement “Nice to Poo you”).Kitchen
Let the Toilet-Monster scream at you until your head explodes.Bathroom
Get killed by the swimming worms.Sewers
Get eaten by the seaplants that you can use to kill the swimming worms.Sewers
Get eaten by the spider.Greenhouse
Get killed by the zombie-plant.Greenhouse
Let your dog get killed by the zombie-plant.Greenhouse
Get killed by my best friend the Snotty Bunny ‘-‘ <3Attic
Let your dog get killed by Snotty Bunny.Attic
Get killed right after you entered the monster with it’s teeth.Granpa-Monster
On the way to the lungs get thrown up by the breath of the monster and die by getting spiked with the teeth above.Granpa-Monster
Also on the way to the lungs, fall into the teethed hole next to the previous location.Granpa-Monster
Go through the heart-door and into the clouds to die.Granpa-Monster
In the intestine let yourself get killed by the living things that sit on the wall.Granpa-Monster
In the stomach just go into the gastroresistant.Granpa-Monster
Die outside the monster after the first organ, getting burned.Granpa-Monster
After the second/third organ you destroyed you’ll get eaten by the monster outside of it when it breaths in. Let it kill you.Granpa-Monster
Let the heart, the final boss, kill you with it’s spill.Granpa-Monster
Let Granpa choke.Livingroom

If you have another way or if I missed one please write a comment 😡

Thanks to Maikeli Lyonethavata for helping me completing the list :)!

Bulb Boy Achievement Guide

Jessy C Delight

When you killed the first spider in Bulb’s room don’t go into the next room yet. Look at the wall and klick on the Eye that is sticking on the wall to eat it.

Bulb Boy Achievement Guide
Bulb Boy Achievement Guide

She Is Coming

In the corridor with the hands where you can look out of the window and get the sharp piece of glass, watch a little longer outta the window to get this one!

Bulb Boy Achievement Guide
Bulb Boy Achievement Guide

Mother I Miss You

For this one you have to go into the kitchen at midnight (real life time) and stand next to the clock next to the table. Bulb’s mother should appear.

You can also change the time on your computer to get this if you don’t want to wait until midnight.

Bulb Boy Achievement Guide
Bulb Boy Achievement Guide

Nice To Poo You

After you ate the dead Headless Chicken don’t enter the toilet and wait until you die.

Bulb Boy Achievement Guide
Bulb Boy Achievement Guide

Plumber Remains

This little Super Mario easteregg you can find in the sewers after you got into the dead fish. Swim back to the submarine and then upwards where three of those swimming worms will wait for you. Just kill them by swimming near to one of those seaplants that stick on the wall but be careful to not get eaten by them. After that, swim there again and klick on the little Poo-Sign and you will get this!

Bulb Boy Achievement Guide
Bulb Boy Achievement Guide
Bulb Boy Achievement Guide

Tasty Larvae

After you killed the Drunk Earthworm you have to kill all the little worms that are left. The best way to do this is to get their attention and swim to the crokodile that is located next to the friendly Blob-fish. When the worms are behind you klick on the crokodile so that all of them die the same time.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Bulb Boy Achievement Guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Ms. Foster. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.


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