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    The Peroxide Shihouin Clan is one of the many clans you can join and receive a special buff. Peroxide is a hugely popular Roblox game based on the manga and anime series, Bleach. The Shihouin Clan is one of the better clans you can join in the game, so let us explain why. Here is everything you need to know about the Peroxide Shihouin Clan.

    Peroxide Shihouin Clan buff

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    Members of the Shihouin Clan in Peroxide benefit from a 20% buff to agility, and a 20% buff to strength. Each buff alone is very useful, but getting both of these buffs at once is hugely beneficial. The 20% agility buff increases your speed and dexterity, while the 20% strength buff makes your attacks do more damage.

    This is a powerful combination of perks, which is why the Shihouin Clan is one of the most popular in Peroxide. Clans in Peroxide fall under common, rare, and legendary rarities, and the Shihouin Clan is a rare clan. You only have a 9% chance of joining a rare clan, so it takes quite a bit of luck to join the Shihouin.

    Peroxide Shihouin Clan tier list position

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    The many clans of Peroxide provide different buffs, some much better than others. This makes some clans objectively better than others, while many are simply differently useful. As such, tier lists have been devised to denote which clans are the best.

    Based on our own Peroxide clan tier list, the Shihouin Clan ranks among the Tier 2 clans, which is near the top. This places the Shihouin among some of the legendary clans, the rarest and most powerful in the game.

    That is it for our Peroxide Shihouin Clan guide. For more, head to our Roblox homepage, or check out our Codes homepage for lots of useful codes for Roblox games and more.


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